Tuesday 22 April 2014

Before They Were Famous 1

Well famous in this neck of the woods anyway. While searching for a pic of  now Anglian Trident 725 I came across Guaguas Photo's photostream on Flickr. Like myself he is one of the kind souls on Flickr who doesn't mind his pics being downloaded (the possessiveness among some enthusiasts never ceases to amaze me - after all we are all into the same thing) and I found a couple of pics that caught my eye. The first, of Konect's ex Anglian Optare Tempo 414 is very useful as I got my first pic of it on Saturday in Watton. Then I came across Great Yarmouth's 30888 in a former guise.

Seen in Sunderland in 2006 YJ55 BLX working for Go Wear. Pic by Guaguas Photos
Seen in Watton now with Konect in Anglian livery 414 working the 1 to Kings Lynn
Seen in Bradford in 2003 then First Yorkshire Rider 5743 W743 DWX needs a bit of work on the destination screen. Just look at those fuel prices!! Pic by Guaguas Photo's
Now with First Great Yarmouth but fleet number in same place 30888 just outside Caister Rd depot. My pic

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