Sunday 16 November 2014

First Pics Of More Streetlites

I am grateful to Malcolm Jones, who is a frequent visitor to Heysham Docks which is on Morecambe Bay in North Lancashire. He is the first to see all new arrivals from Ireland and this week he has managed to snap more of the new Wright Streetlites for Norwich and Yarmouth. His quite extraordinary photopage can be found by clicking here. Many thanks, Malcolm for letting me use your pics, which of course remain copyright to him.

First of all we have Yarmouth bound 47504

47504 at Heysham Docks    pic (c) Malcolm Jones
Next is 47505, also Yarmouth Bound

47505 at Heysham Docks      pic (c) Malcolm Jones
I'm not sure if 47506 is for Yarmouth or Norwich but here she is anyway!

47506 at Heysham Docks   pic (c) Malcolm Jones
Now I DO know that 47507 is bound for Norwich

Norwich bound 47507 at Heysham Docks   pic (c) Malcolm Jones
 The final individual pic is of Norwich bound 47509

47509 at Heysham Docks      pic (c) Malcolm Jones
And finally here is a group shot of left to right 47504/5/9/7/3
47504/5/9/7/3 at Heysham Docks     pic (c) Malcolm Jones

Once again many thanks to Malcolm for sharing his photos with us.

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