Tuesday 9 June 2015

Pink Line Correction

It is well known in the transport industry that nothing is definite until it actually happens. This could be route or timetable alterations, interdepot transfers or just about anything. It is also known that you can never be sure of new vehicles until all 6 wheels actually enter the depot. (Or 8 if tri-axle)

A few days ago I excitedly announced that part of First Group's 2015 order for new vehicles included 8 Wright Streetdecks for Norwich on the Pink Line. Good news, we all thought, the new bus revolution in Norwich is finally underway (yes I know there are Streetlights already). Alas this has proven to be a false dawn

Davd Squire, Managing Director at First Eastern Counties got in touch yesterday to tell me that although the Streetdecks had been the plan this was no longer the case and they are not coming. Instead emphasis is going on DDA conversion which will satisfy local needs at present.

Disappointing, but not completely surprising, so sorry guys, especially those riding and driving the Pink Line - I'm afraid it's still Presidents for the time being. My thanks to David for clarifying the situation, and my apologies for misleading anyone.

I hope to resume relatively normal posting tomorrow, however I won't be going mad like before as it was affecting my health. Tomorrow will be a Borismaster fest, including the 500th Borismaster, LT500, which I was lucky enough to get a ride on yesterday.

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