Monday 11 September 2017

Konect Expand Services

I was delighted to be contacted by a reader, advising me of forthcoming changes to Konect services. It's nice to be able to report positive changes, and that some areas currently without a bus service will soon have one again. I'll publish the email without revealing the identity of the sender.

Hi Steve,

Just thought you may be interested in some of the Konectbus changes from  September 17th - a few of which may be right up you street for some scrutiny or praise on the blog! I've kind of analysed them below:

5A (Eaton-Norwich-Brundall-Blofield-Blofield Heath)
A new Sunday service is to be introduced, twice daily in each direction but only between Norwich and Blofield (Not through to Blofield Heath). The Eaton end is still served by Simonds 121 on Sundays. As far as Norwich routes go the 5A is pretty rural, so in my eyes quite a nice thing to see being implemented. 

X6 (Attleborough-Norwich)
The service is being extended to Sprowston Tesco, operating via Thorpe/Yarmouth Road for the rail station, Harvey Lane, Plumstead Road and Woodside Road. The key point here is Harvey Lane, which has not been served since service cuts a few years ago. It was previously served by Anglianbus 124, later the Konectbus 51. This extension will run Monday-Friday only, but puts Konectbus on a new area of the map, plus a new direct link from Attleborough to Norwich Rail Station by bus.

9 (Silfield-Wymondham-N&N Hospital)
Glad to say more good news here Steve! The service is being extended to Attleborough, thus giving the town a new direct link to the N&N Hospital. Besides the changes, service 9 runs via the village of Little Melton, otherwise entirely unserved by a bus. Konectbus offer a through ticket from the village to Norwich by using the connecting 3/4 at the hospital - clever idea and well used I believe!

5B (Norwich-Dussindale-Thorpe End-Salhouse-Rackheath-Wroxham-Horning-Hoveton)
A Sunday extension is to be introduced to Stalham, a quite far out large village otherwise without a Sunday bus service. First gave up on them a couple of years ago and Sanders only do a Monday-Saturday link. This will also mean Hoveton will have a Sunday bus link. It's a twice daily service again, but this is always a good starting ground to see if it is viable to continue running. There is also a couple of evening extensions in Salhouse and Rackheath to provide an improved evening services to the two villages, some 5C journeys are extended also to the villages. 

...and I'm told the drivers are apparently listened to, as there are timing changes to the 3/4/6/8, where the buses without fail run five minutes late. You were a driver, so I am certain you know how annoying this is, I'm sure you agree it's nice to see the drivers suggestions put into place.

And finally! On St Stephens Street many of the bays we use are being shifted about to ease congestion and stop us getting wedged in!!

This is indeed all good news, thanks for getting in touch, and let's hope this is just the start of seeing recent cuts being reversed, with priority given to those without a bus service rather than just trying to poach customers by duplicating other operator's routes. I hope all these changes prove successful. For further details see the Konect website.


  1. Greater Anglia guards vote to strike in row over who shuts train doors

    This is getting silly the trains are not even being introduced untill 2 years time

    The action would only affect InterCity and rural services. Suburban trains are already operated by only the driver.

    The company said it has trained other members of staff to take on the role of guards if there are strikes – and is confident there will be no affect on its passengers.

  2. Pity they don't listen to Anglian bus drivers as well. Also the reason they get "wedged" in is because they leave their buses unattended on the stand when others need to load and unload

    1. I was waiting for that one!!!

    2. A lot of it is down to local council who either do away with bus station or replace them with one that's far to small and with no space for buses to lay over

      Whilst local councils pay lip service to encourage more use of public transport their actions are usually the exact opposite