Friday 7 June 2019

Ipswich Buses Scanias Go To Yorkshire

It's not often I get an exclusive these days - well I do, I'm just told not to publish them, and invariably someone else publishes before I do. For example I've known for months what the next X1 fleet is, but I'm not allowed to say - and I can guarantee someone will spill the beans before I'm given clearance.

So I'm delighted that this time I've got something first that I can publish! I noticed the other day that all six of Ipswich Buses Scania Omnicitys had been withdrawn and taken to Ensign's for disposal. I have a soft spot for those Scanias - they arrived in the area around the same time I did, and were the first examples I had been on, Lovely seats too. So I contacted Ross Newman at Ensign to see if any of them had found new homes yet.

I can exclusively (sorry) reveal that four of the Scanias have been bought by Connexions Bus of Harrogate. As yet I don't know which four, as soon as I do I'll let you know, but wouldn't surprise me if the four haven't been chosen yet. Ross kindly sent me a pic of former IB 71 YN56 NYC in Ensign's yard.

Former IB71 in Ensign's yard
My thanks to Ross for taking the time to get the bus out for the photo, and to Connexions Bus for allowing the news to be made public. As soon as I know the fate of the remaining two Scanias I shall report back! Might have to return to Harrogate too....


  1. Replies
    1. I guess I need to make the effort to try the Tempos out so if you like we can arrange something

    2. Perhaps during the week, might be a idea.

  2. Andrew Kleissner7 June 2019 at 14:06

    I remember when they were introduced and much was made of their "colour-changing" livery. We still have some in service here in Cardiff (though not with the comfy IB seats!

    1. Connexions livery isn't far removed from the old IB green and white which didn't they go into after the original livery?

    2. They did briefly. That was a much better livery for them. New livery didn't suit the Scanias at all. 2 darts have been reinstated too.

  3. Let's hope Connexions look after them, they were great buses in Ipswich! Nice to find some good news for a change Steve :)

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