Sunday 25 May 2014

11 Coach Train On East Suffolk Line

UK Railtours had a charter train rather dubiously called Anglian Backwaters going through the region today. It started at Finsbury Park and went to Lowestoft via Cambridge, Ely and Norwich. It returned via the East Suffolk Line before being the first passenger train to use the new Europa Junction in Ipswich then going back to Cambridge via Bury and Newmarket. Since I live not to far from one of those "backwaters" I dusted the bike off and arrived at Darsham Station with 5 mins to spare. It was a shame the loco wasn't more exciting than a class 66 but it was still good to see a train that big going through Darsham, which is used to 2 and 3 coach DEMU's.

EWS 66079 at Darsham with 11 coach charter train
Not an everyday sight at Darsham
The vintage slamdoor coaches. They all seemed pretty full up


  1. Some great photos mate!

  2. Cheers Harry - hope it's worth the inevitible sore legs I get tomorrow :))

  3. No problem- I'm sure it will be!

  4. Nice one Mr W well worth the ride I think I would have wheezed me way there if I was as near as you top post !

  5. Thanks mate - well worth it if it is appreciated. Had it been like it's meant to be the rest of the week it would have been a blank post though!!