Tuesday 20 May 2014

Today's Jottings

As my personal mileometer clicked over again today I had held back on doing something most other enthusiasts did weeks ago - which was to go up to Cromer and sample the open top Olympian but without the need for thermal underwear! A nice day, sunshine and the wind rushing through my hair was quite acceptable. Another Olympian in good condition giving a really decent ride. They really do put more modern vehicles to shame.

Konect's open top Olympian K739 XRV opposite Cromer Bus Station
Now what I haven't seen so far among the many pics published are any interior shots, I mean exterior shots from the inside oh pics of the upstairs!!! So here we go - I like the layout with the covered section totally separated by a partition and door from the open section.

The top deck looking forward with the partitioned enclosed section - looks a but like a boat and you expect a ship's wheel by the front window!
And looking back. I like the colour scheme
 So I made my way back to Norwich via Sanders rather nice DAF Lowlander and onto Lowestoft for the obligatory Olympian pictiure of the day - 34108 on the 101's

34108 on the 101 to Gunton this afternoon
And finally, following on from yesterday's pic of Konect's recently delivered ex London Gemini 510, here is 511, which only entered service last week, and which I haven't seen pictured anywhere else. Note that as yet no ads have been applied to her, which makes her look rather good.

Konect 511 LB02 YWY on the X6 to Attleborough this morning

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