Thursday 31 July 2014

Ipswich Obs 31/7/14

I ventured to Ipswich today to get my tomatoes and stopped a few hours to see what was going on. After arriving on ex P&R B7rle 69431 I was alerted by Harry Stanley that a Replacement Bus was operating a Felixstowe service. So I hopped on an incredibly quiet 30888 - Yarmouth won't recognise her - to Ipswich Station. On the way I passed 32653 which was surprisingly on the 66 - the first ex Lowestoft ALX400 I have seen on the route so I presume guide wheels have been fitted.

Taken from 30888 ex Lowestoft ALX4oo 32653 is seen on the 66 for the first time by me anyway!
30888 creeps silently towards Ipswich Rail Station in bright sunshine. Thanks to the driver who was creeping along to allow me time to get that pic.
However I got to the station just in time to see First Hampshire coach 23312 disappear into the sun, so went back into town and popped into Ipswich depot to see what I could see. Not a lot to see and the chap I was hoping to see was at a meeting but I couldn't make this post without saying just how friendly the team at Ipswich Depot are. Ok I was wearing my custom printed SB&TP t-shirt (with Anglian gas bus on front!!!) but without excpetion I got a grin and friendly greeting from everyone. Ipswich engineering team truly are the jewel in Eastern Counties crown and an example many other depots could follow with their friendly and welcoming attitude to visitors.

However I didn't leave empty handed on the information front, and I was informed that refurbished E200 44519 had just gone back on the road. After quite a chase and camera malfunctions I finally caught up with her during a driver change outside OCM so SB&TP is proud to be the first blog to bring you its own pics of said 44519.

First Ipswich 44519 E200 YX09 ADO back in service outisde PALS today. Pic by myself.
I can also let you know that those camping outside Ipswich depot tonight waiting for 32479 to return will be disappointed as she is not coming home till tomorrow evening (Friday). After a day having safety inspections on Saturday my guess is look out for the Felixstowes on Sunday. The missing E200 44516 is due this weekend.

I also managed to get a shot of 23312 on its return from Felixstowe, quite an eyecatching vehicle and the driver, who I was chatting to at Ipswich Station loves it - he was really purring about it.

First Hampshire 23312 Irizar YN54 NYT at OCM Ipswich
Finally here's a not bad pic of the bus that started all the frenzy for info in Ipswich, and will be the last to be repainted. Volvo B7rle 69005 was on the 53's today and I'm still undecided if I prefer that livery or the new one.

First Ipswich 69005 Volvo B7rle AU05 DME on the 53 close to Ipswich Station


  1. w743 DWX running SILENTLY?! No way... I could literally stand at my stop near Trinity Av where I live in goeston and hear it on Brasenose Av approaching which is a good 3 blocks away...

  2. I kid you not, Jamie. I believe they installed a radiator valve which stopped the fan running all the time. I have nothing but respect and praise for that Ipswich team - dedicated, efficient and friendly.

  3. Just several buses left at yarmouth now.. LT52 WTM springs to mind as does the recent Leicster Gemini.. Both of which sound like concord.

  4. Indeed 32206/7 32629 are sounding rough. Not good to compare them to Concorde though as Concorde is an iconic piece of British engineering that brought pleasure to millions whereas a Plaxton President.................