Sunday 13 July 2014

Weekly News Round Up 13/7/14

From now on I'll be rounding up the week's news every Sunday, rather than scrabbling to give it to you as it happens. This suits me, and I feel the blog better, as readers can just check in every week to see what's been going on. Of course there will still be plenty going on during the week, but that will concentrate on my own travels and experiences.


Most of the attention this week has centred around Ipswich, with the return of two refurbished B7rle's in the new livery. Reactions to the "charcoal blue" front have been mixed to say the least, but as yet I have not seen one in the flesh. I guarantee I will this week and will publish the pics I take. This week ALX400 32479 is due back in the Eastern Counties heritage livery so I'm looking forward to see that. Ex Norwich B7rle 66950 has now departed for Rotherham as has another of the E200's.

First Ipswich have also been awarded two new Sunday contracts - the 65B to Woodbridge and the 116 to Debenham. 3 journeys each way starting on 3rd August.

Great Yarmouth have installed WiFi in 5 of their vehicles in preparation for the X1 split. Former X1 Geminis 37573/4/6/7 plus jewel in the crown E400 33423 (God she looked good yesterday) have all been fitted with the facility as they will be in regular use on the X1 between Lowestoft and Norwich.

I have also heard that Yarmouth are looking forward to getting shot of some of their Presidents. The timescale is unclear, but I'm sure those without concrete backsides will let out a cheer when they leave Caister Road for the last time. Olympains 34114 and 34186 are expexcted to re-enter service this week. A gold star to the first person to spot an Olympian on the X1 after it splits!

Any excuse to post a pic of this incredible looming vehicle

Not too much to report from Anglian this week. More of the gas buses have had all the vinyls removed, except the ones covering the gas tanks, and some have had the new logos applied. They look better to the naked eye than they do in photo form, as light grey on yellow just isn't photogenic! I noted a Solo yesterday also with the new logos but don't ask me which one as it really doesn't matter.


Only 11 days till Borderbus start their dual timetabled 146 service between Southwold and Norwich and it has emerged during the week that they will be using AD E200's on them. I wish them all the luck in the world with the new service but fear I will not be a regular!

Greater Anglia

It has been a simply shocking week for GA. Signal and points failures, suicides, bridge strikes, train failures and high winds have all conspired to make rail travel in East Anglia this week a nightmare for passengers and managers combined. The huge amount of incidents seem to fall under the juristiction of Network Rail, this week fined a record amount for their incompetence, and it is worth remembering that Greater Anglia have no more control over the state of the track, signals and points than First and Anglian do over the traffic flow in Lowestoft. I hope everyone has a better week this week.

As reported in the post below yesterday saw the start of the Summer services to Yarmouth, and if the number of passengers I saw yesterday is anything to go by they will be well patronised - with enthusiasts as well as holidaymakers!

47501 sits at Yarmouth with 90003 and an all white set. A 156 departs in the distance

Megabus UK

Next week I'm on my travels again and I have managed to get return tickets to my mystery destination far, far away for £13. That, believe me is the best news of the week


  1. Iv'e just got a return to London on Wed sept 3rd on Megabus £2-50 what a bargain. Want to go on the Borismaster, haven't been on them yet

  2. Where are you traveling from, Tony? You'll love the Borismasters - up front upstaiurs looks so retro. one little tip - try and get on a route that isn't stop start all the time like the 11, 9 or 24. The 380 would be my best tip - get it to Notting Hill Gate and you can combine it with a ride on one of the new Circle Line trains!

  3. From Norwich Steve. Leaving at 7-00 arrive Victoria 10-30 Leave London 5-30 so have 7 hours bus riding. Will check out the 380 on the web

  4. I'm coming back to Norwich on Megabus on the 24th - total cost £4.50. Just booked National Express down to London on the 22nd as Megabus times are all wrong for me and total cost - £7.99. Hmmm. However why don't NX just add a pound onto their ticket price instead of charging a £1 booking fee. Then I got options for travel insurance (by law we have to be insured by the company anyway), extra lugguage etc etc etc. Still, I should get the chance to compare the Levantes with whatever Freestones are using on Megabus.