Monday 20 January 2014

Class 365 Upgrading

First Capital Connect have announced the introduction of the first class 365 Networker to be refurbished on their Great Northern lines between Kings X/Peterborough/Kings Lynn. 365517 has been completely upgraded both inside and out, and given a new paint job which is neutral to accommodate the new franchise name later this year. Over the course of the next two years all 40 units will be done to include new toilets, announcement systems, and wheelchair bays.

These units have a place in my heart as the first 16 units were loaned to Connex Southeastern and I worked them regularly as a Conductor until they returned to join the rest of the fleet in 2003 (I think) when the 375's were delivered to Soiutheastern. Really nice trains with a great soundtrack and go like the clappers!

365517 in new livery. Pic taken from FCC website
New interior of 365517. Pic from FCC website
365517 in her old colours. Pic by CrazyRupes
How I remember the 365's. 365502 at Whitstable in Kent in 1995 Pic by 74009

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