Tuesday 21 January 2014

Yarmouth Today

They say you don't have to be mad to be a transport enthusiast but my word it helps. That must be why on a foggy day where temps refused to get much above freezing I was standing at Market Gates for an hour watching the comings and goings. I was hoping to get on an Olympian but that wasn't to be, despite seeing 34186 come in on the 7. It went back to the depot and failed to re-emerge. Now when I first started venturing up that part of the world someone told me how rare it was to see a decker on the 6 or 7. Well today I saw three different ones and I apologise in advance for the quality of the pics - today was not a good day for taking pics with dazzling headlights and a very thick atmosphere.

34186 in appalling light going back to the depot after its outing on the 7
ALX 400 30888 W743 DWX on the 1205  service 6 to Bradwell which has been the domain of 34109
The first President I have seen on this route - 32212  LT52 WTV operates the 1250 service 7 to Belton

It just goes to show that it is never over till the fat lady smashes the wine glass and you should never say never etc etc. We all thought the days of coaches on the X1 shorts were things of the past. Nope - both 20514 and 20515 were back on there today so it seems to be a case of as you were! Personally I like seeing them on there and think they should be repainted into the new livery.

20515 WV02 EUR although showing Norwich is actually leaving for the depot

Missed from the round up yesterday was the news that Ipswich Buses have been doing some work to their Park and Ride Optare Versas./I travelled on a couple last week and you can really feel how much better they are compared to when they first arrived. Smoother, firmer and quieter. However some bright spark who obviously travels to work by car has decided that a P&R service would benefit from on board announcements. I mean do passengers REALLY have to be told 30 seconds after leaving Martlesham that "the next stop is Kesgrave High School"? Do parents on the school run drop their little loves off at the P&R terminus and tell them to get the bus the last half mile? Anyway that is my gripe of the day - onboard announcements are NOT needed on P&R buses, but apart from that well done IB for the obvious other improvements you have made to that fleet.

Much improved now Ipswich Buses P&R Optare Versa 147 YK08 EPD on first day of operation


  1. Great to hear your observations regarding the new IB P&R fleet - but have to disagree with you regarding the onboard announcements. They're actually very useful - not least for blind or partially sighted people, let alone people who are a bit unsure of the route or who don't know the area (more likely for park and ride passengers surely?). On board announcements have been a feature of London buses for a few years now and very useful they are too. It's a shame the rest of the country is taking so long to catch up, but good on IB - that "bright spark" is actually quite in touch with what passengers want in my opinion...

  2. Cheers paul - although I have to wonder how many blind people use the P&R unaccompanied. I also wonder how helpful it is to hear "the next stop is Major's Corner" unless you want to go to the Regent Theatre which for some unknown reason it mentions when buses don't run late enough to get back to the P&R terminus after an evening show! It doesn't say "alight here for the shops"!! I can fully understand it in London or Edinburgh due to the huge number of tourists, but I have yet to see an Ipswich P&R bus crammed with Japanese or German tourists looking lost.

    P&R services are predominantly used by commuters and regular shoppers not tourists but I guess it's just the Victor Meldrew in me coming out - something my Mum says I've had since the age of 4 :))