Monday 27 January 2014

Norwich School Special

I had no plans to do this when I left home this morning. but when I got to Norwich I saw an Olympian pass me and cursed my luck that I hadn't seen it coming to get a pic. Painted Royal Blue with white Norwich School livery (Ipswich Town FC colours). An hour later I was near Anglia Square and I heard a sound that really was music to my ears. Having driven Volvo Citybuses I know that sound anywhere and sure enough there was the rear (again) of another Norwich School decker. Having killed the time before my lunch venue opened I walked back up the hill to see a Norwich School coach parked up outside the Cathedral.

So after lunch I got to work. Got a good pic of the coach, which is a former Epsom Coaches Dennis Javelin, then the Olympian pulled up, whch is an ex Dublin vehicle. The driver, bless him, told me where to find the Citybus, which it turns out was parked up just round the corner. H684 GPH, new to London & Country operating in Central London, the driver kindly let me have a quick look on board before the kids finished their hockey and the smell brought a lot of memories back! There is another Citybus currently in the workshop from the same batch H653 GPH, so quite an impressive fleet for a school, especially as I also spotted two pretty new Ford Transit minibuses too. Have to admit my school never had anything that exciting!

Norwich School ex Dublin Volvo olympian R331 LGH
Norwich School's ex London & Country Volvo Citybus H684 GPF
Norwich School's ex Epsom Coaches Dennis Javelin M790 LPH


  1. Excellent post. The fifth full size vehicle is veteran Dennis Javelin Plaxton Paramount F459 NDV which was scheduled for withdrawal in summer 2013 but was repainted from white to blue and then retrimmed and refloored in autumn 2013.

  2. Many thanks for the info :) Glad you liked the post.