Friday 7 February 2014

At Last!

A much better day than yesterday and trust me 80 mins on a gas bus is sheer bliss compared to the bloody awful 80 mins on 65675 yesterday! Got to Yarmouth and had to wait barely 25 mins before 33423 came in Norwich bound. Got some pics of her then waited for Roy from East Norfolk Bus Blog to meet me. I managed to persuade him to accompany me to Acle to get some more shots of 33423 coming back, which we duly did, getting to Acle on Anglian Scania. 455. While we were waiting for 33423 to arrive Roy happened to mention that the short set was on the Norwich-Yarmouth route and it seemed too good an opportunity to miss.

45 mins on a cold, draughty platform has never gone so fast. The anecdotes were in full flow and our patience was rewarded with 47810 leading a first class coach, a standard class coach, a driving trailer unit and 47841 on the rear. We sat in 1st class, obviously, as only befits distinguished bloggers, and a short but sweet journey to Yarmouth for more photos and a video. Then it was back on the gas bus to Wangford and mini bus home.

Roy - thank you for your company on what turned out to be a great afternoon. I won't be getting out much for the next couple of weeks thanks to the limit on the number of minibus bookings I'm allowed being taken up by essential things, and eye surgery. However the eye surgery means two days in London so get ready for much Borismastering! So here are today's pics - more on Flickr over the weekend.

Looking rather good 33423 SN60 CAA shows off her new outfit!

At Acle going the other way. I have to say those colours really suit her
47 810 leads in the 1456 Acle - Yarmouth service. So impressive
Looking positively regal at Yamouth
47 841 about to depart for Norwich

Here is a video of the short set leaving Yarmouth this afternoon on the 1517 departure to Norwich


  1. Oooo u lucky guys am not jealous at all lol Was interested to read they might rent in some mk 2 coaches while more are away for refurb then again they might leave the short set and use some class 321's , that would mean a trip to Norwich!

  2. There must be plenty to rent right now with everyone getting rid of the 125's recently. Personally I say keep the short set - looked quite brilliant and the sound. Man, the sound!

  3. You can't beat a good bit of clag !!

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