Thursday 20 February 2014

I'm Back

I have returned, with a very red eye and lots of pics, First of all Anon, Zak and Sam I'm not sure whether to say well done, or you guys seriously need to get a life!! Yes, it is indeed Electric Bus EB1, which I was lucky enough to photogrsph at Waterloo Bus Garage. Both of them were in the Garage when I got there, but the Duty Manager told me when the one not suffering a power cut was going to be out, so I got a ride on it to Victoria. Verdict? Erm noisy and rattly and sounded like a tram on tyres. Not the quiet smooth journey I had envisaged. Anyway here are the pics I took of them, but I'll be surprised if they are the future of bus travel so these pics may be collectors items in a few years!! My grateful thanks to the driver for directing me to the Garage, and the manager for allowing me to take the pics.

Build Your Dreams Electric Bus EB1 LC63 CYA at Waterloo Garage
Rear of EB2 LC63 CXY in the workshop at Waterloo Garage
Rear of EB1
Electric Bus EB1 LC63 CYA at Victoria Station


  1. The clue was in the centre of the steering wheel - difficult to miss!
    Pleased to see you back

  2. LOL yes I noticed that as I posted it. Having said that I wouldn't have known what it was and I'm still not sure if I should be happy about that or not!!!!!

  3. A well done is correct ;) I guessed it was at the bus garage rather than on route thanks to the adblue sign and the lack of driver :P I had only visited Waterloo a few weeks ago so remember it well :) I hope your newfound vision covers up the disappointment of your red eye!