Monday 17 March 2014

Irregular Workings

I saw two things in Yarmouth today I didn't think I'd ever see. Firstly an Olympian back on the X1 shorts. 34109 operated the 1205 to Norwich, which I missed due to stopping of to see the "short set" at Lowestoft. However I did manage to picture her on her return, only for my camera to stubbornly refuse to capture the destination screen, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

The second big double take of the day came when 32200 came in working to 2 to Barrack Estate. I have never seen a decker on that route before and perhaps those in the know can let me know just how often that happens!

34109 returns to Yarmouth from Norwich. You will have to believe me that it really is showing X1 Great Yarmouth!
32200 on the 2 to Barrack Estate - the first time I haveseen a decker on that route


  1. Glad W436 CWX Returns.. Yet again.. they just keep bouncing back!

  2. Then you will LOVE the post I have just added!

  3. Hi Steve, I have only ever seen a decker on the 2 ONCE, that was 2 years ago and was an Olympian an' all! Fantastic spot!

  4. Thanks for the confirmation, Zak. Feeling pretty chuffed now!