Thursday 27 March 2014

Summer Service 3 Update

I have just received an email from Chris Speed, Business Manager for First Eastern Counties regarding the 3 between Yarmouth and Hemsby, and why it will not be RML operated this year.

Basically it would appear the route is too successful, and it is taking a heavy a toll on the RML's - too heavy a toll. First are keen for the RML's to be available for the enjoyment of the people of Great Yarmouth for many years to come, and feel that to subject them to the workload of the 3 would prove too much for them with spare parts increasingly difficult to get hold of. There are going to be some advertsied RML weekends on the 3, so it won't be a complete absence this year.

So that begs the question could the Summer fleet be expanded so the workload can be shared about - a couple of open top vehicles for sunnier and warmer days, for example. I'm sure a company the size of First can lay its hands on vehicles for that purpose and that would still keep up the attraction of the route, and just as importantly the revenue. President B7's just don't have that same attraction.

Anyway we will see what happens and if there are anymore developments I'll post them as soon as I know them myself.


  1. The route masters running gear was replaced in the 90s.. I really can't see that as a valid reason to be honest! Let's hope they can get some decent vehicles for the 3 - couple of old Leyland Olympians would be great :)

  2. I find it strange that an area like Yarmouth with a pleasure beach area doesn't have at least one open topper just for the summer season,just like Felixstowe should have,in order to run down to Felixstowe to the dock viewing point via the Orwell bridge and on bad days a Decker,loads of folk like going over the Orwell bridge,good attraction at weekends,there must be surplus buses about in First nearing the end of their lives that could be converted,come on First how about it,give at least a try...

  3. Another route would be along the coast line From Lowestoft to Gt Yarmouth,that has some super views on that back stretch,if these worked in the past over the summer season,they could well do it agai,as the younger members today would no doubt appreciate it with their parents.