Tuesday 19 August 2014

Back To The Seaside

For the first time in ages I ventured north to Lowestoft and Yarmouth today. I alluded to in my Weekly Round up that there was going to be an arrival today somewhere, and that somewhere was Yarmouth, with the arrival of First Yorkshire Volvo B10 Wright Renown 60622, which is officially on loan to Ipswich who have in turn loaned it to Yamouth for the time being. I had arranged to meet Yarmouth Bus Page's Cameron Robinson and it was he who informed me that no sooner had it arrived than it was pressed into service on the 1/1A, such is the shortage of vehicles at Yarmouth. I was travelling on 34186 at the time having had to decide between that and 33423 at Lowestoft. As it happened I got on 33423 later so the right choice was made.

34186 Volvo Olympian S686 AAE at Gorleston High St today
I got off at Gorleston High St, and busied myself taking a few pics and waited for 606322 to arrive, and sure enough she soon turned up, looking rather good in the Norfolk sunshine.  A decent but rattly ride to Lowestoft followed where we took the opportunity to get a few pics at the Bus Station.

First Yorkshire 60622 on loan to Yarmouth on the 1A at Gorleston

And leaving Lowestoft heading back to Martham
We then caught 33423 back to Yarmouth and yes many pics were taken as usual. However there may still be some who haven't seen the interior of this really photogenic bus so here is a pic of the top deck

Trust me those seat colours grow on you!
And while she was waiting on the stand at Market Gates a former X1 stalwart pulled up alongside giving a photo op you could wait months for!

33423 and Gemini 37573 together at Market Gates
 Not to be outdone a few mins later and two Anglian gas buses had a chat in the same spot!

Anglian gas buses 109 and 111 have a chinwag at Market Gates
There are many more pics I could have posted from today and eventually I'll update Flickr but it won't be for a few days as the next couple of days are going to be very busy with my visit to Victoria Coach Station tomorrow and the journeys to and from Kent to report on too. My thanks to Cameron for his company today, and for introducing me to Des Speed, whose kind offer of a ride on 33423 to the Norwich Bus Rally I'm sadly going to have to decline as I just can't find anyone to get me to Yarmouth on a Sunday morning. Quite ironic I can't get to a bus rally due to a lack of public transport!

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