Friday 15 August 2014

Foreign Fields - Liechtenstein Special

A few weeks ago I jokingly mentioned Liechtenstein thinking no one would possibly know about buses there. Well I was wrong and someone got in touch telling me about the state owned operator there - Liemobil. So I did some digging and with grateful thanks to Pierre-Antoine Ardin, who has emailed me his extensive collection of Liemobil pics I am able to bring you a comprehensive look at buses in Liechtenstein. Hopefully this will be the first of a regular series featuring buses in countries around the world.

Liemobil was formed in 2000 from the previously named Liechtenstein Bus. They have 20 routes including a couple that cross the borders into Austria and Switzerland. They have a modern fleet including Volvo 7700 hybrids, MAN Lions City gas buses, Mercedes Citaros, and Setra 415's. I wonder if we'll ever see a UK city with a fleet like this one. Once again my thanks to Pierre Antoine and his really fascinating Flikr page can be found by clicking here.

The first of Pierre-Antione's pictures is of a MAN Lions City DD. 13.74 metres long and triple doored this is the biggest in the Lion's City range, although I haven't managed to find out what fuel this example runs on - I assume diesel as i don't know of a double deck gas bus yet.  Looks pretty damned inprssive though

MAN Lion's City DD on the Liemobil service 13 to Buchs
The next pic is also a MAN Lion's City, only this one is a Lion's City G-A23 Bendi-gas-bus. Can you see these clogging up St Stephen's St in Norwich?

MAN Lion's City G - A23 on the 12 to Sargans
Next up we have a smaller gas bus, a MAN Lion's City U - A20. I really can't understand why there haven't been more initiatives to get more gas buses on the roads of UK, it seems to be the future.

MAN Lion's City U - A20 on the 12 to Buchs
Something more recognisible to most of us is the Mercedes Citaro Bendibus. To be found on the 604 P&R in Norwich with Konectbus - I still have to travel on one despite all the years they have been around!

Mercedes Citaro G II Bendibus en route to Sargans
We now have a  rigid version of the Citaro, but what is going on on the roof is anyone's guess - looks like a solar panel but surely not! Answers on a postcard please!

Mercedes Citaro  U II
We finish with the only pic that isn't Pierre-Aintione's, that I sourced elsewhere, of one of Liemobil's Volvo 7700 Hybrids. I think Liechtenstein is now on my list of places to go - wonder if Megabus would consider going there - and has reminded me that buses outside the UK tend to be entirely different. I hope you enjoyed this look at something different and if you did let me know and I'll do some more of them.

Liemobil's Volvo 7700 Hybrid with Schaan Bahnhof body


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