Thursday 14 August 2014

Class 68 Special

I went to Ipswich today not for buses, although obviously I incorporated that into the visit, but because I knew one of the new Class 68 locos was passing through Ipswich. There was also a charter train coming through at roughly the same time so seemed a good opportunity. It didn't disappoint. What a classy looking loco they are. Kierans pic the other day is good, but it's not like seeing it in the flesh. Luckily it was routed on the middle line through Ipswich and stopped for a few mins, giving the perfect opportunity to get some decent shots. There is also a short vid which unfortunately cuts off a bit soon thanks to the appallingly low internal storage on my new phone!

68 004 "Rapid" enters Ipswich Station
Will these become as iconic as the 47's? Doubt it but looks good enough
Hope they are more rapid than the class 90's that are failing constantly all the time
Taking a break at Ipswich


  1. Well i must say that looks tons better than those gastly 70000 class,they should have found something better to code as 70000 as the Brit was a superb beast.
    Does she sound like the greenhouses & sheds ??? who is building this class.

  2. Built by Vossloh Espana not sure of noise but I bet there will be something on YouTube Excellent post Steve lad !!

  3. Cheers Tim! If the video below last pic doesn't play try viewing on Firefox as it works ok on there - will give you some idea of noise.