Monday 15 September 2014

GA Delays 15/9/14

As far as I'm concerned the shorter this post is every Monday the better the past week has been for passengers, and tonight's is pretty short.

There have been no major incidents this week. If I reported every single slight delay or minor incident I'd be here all night and you would be bored to death, so I'll just give a quick summary, Overunning engineering works at Bury caused the first couple of trains to be affected twice last week, and Felixstowe services were affected by freight congestion - the sooner that Derby Rd - Trimley section is dualled the better. The swing bridge at Oulton Broad has affected the East Suffolk Line on a number of occasions and the failure of a Class 47 caused the last Summer drags to Yarmouth to be knocked on the head.

On the Mainline again not a bad week in comparison to others. A few short formations, signal faults and minor incidents but again nothing major causing lines to be blocked. I hope next weeks post is even shorter!

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