Sunday 21 September 2014

Weekly News Round Up 21/9/14

Welcome to the Autumn Equinox Round Up. I hope those of you who went to ShowBus had a great time. Due to being let down by a so called friend I never even got out of the village to get to Ipswich to join VA479 for the trip. Oh well. Anyway this is what has been happening.


In Ipswich the final E200 to go through the refurbishment process, 44516 returned on Tuesday and was out in service by Wednesday afternoon. That means that service 53 should be entirely E200 operated now. Thursday saw the return of ex Norwich B7rle 66957. This vehicle is booked to go to ShowBus and therefore won't see normal service until Monday morning. Due to a shortage of leather in Rotherham the return of B7tl's 32486 and 32492 (I think) have been delayed. On Thursday the first of the ex P&R B7rle's, 69425 was taken to Rotherham only a year or so after being painted out of P&R colours. Thanks to my contact for clarification!

Elsewhere it has been decided that the two Gemini's to be painted into X1 livery will be 37578 and 37579. One of them has already gone for conversion.

37578 in her Excel glory days. Pic by Defect Card reproduced on CCL

Other News

It's been a pretty quiet week for other news, so a recap on things you may have missed. A new company has been announced for Kings Lynn. Coastal Red has been given a licence for initially 6 vehicles, and is being run by Stephen Challis, who together with Julian Paterson set up Konectbus. it is highly expected that Mr Paterson will join Coastal Red once he has left Konectbus, as announced last week.

It has also been confirmed that Borderbus are going to amend the timetable to their 146 Southwold - Norwich service from 3rd November. Expect to see extra PM services.

Borderbus BB62 BUS on a 146 "short" to Worlingham on Monday. Will this journey be extended in the new timetable?

Blog News

I was going to save this for a separate post but as it's a quiet week it seems a good opportunity to post it now so here is a special announcement.

I have been considering this idea for some time now, and have decided to run with it. The film industry have the Oscars, the music industry the Grammys, so therefore at the end of the year I'll be announcing the first recipients of the STEVE awards for services to public transport. Now as you'd expect they will not be for the usual things, so these are the catorgories I have decided on.

  • Most Passenger Friendly Driver
  • Most Impressive Vehicle Of The Year (OTY) (no not the one you would expect)
  • Most Welcoming Depot OTY
  • Most Professional Act OTY
  • The STEVE Award For Cleanliness
  • Journey OTY
  • Company Offering Most Value For Money
  • Company Taking The Most Unfair Criticism (no prizes for guessing that one but they have to win something)

Winners will receive a framed certificate and where winners are employees I'm hoping to get the awards presented by their managers and obviously take pics to be published over Christmas. If anyone has an idea for an additional category let me know - NO there will NOT be a Most Grumpy Blogger OTY!!! I'm afraid this is not an open vote and I'll be deciding the winners, but I hope that on the whole the decisions will be well received. Academy Awards? Academy who?

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