Saturday 13 September 2014

Where Are They Now - Postcard From Clacton

A few months ago I expressed surprise that I had travelled on a Solar bodied Scania with comfortable seats, in fact I think I described it as my nicest single deck Scania journey ever. The vehicle in question was 65692 YS03 ZKM. Sadly in a matter of weeks she had gone, with her two sisters 65690/1 to Clacton, to be replaced by E200's I ask you, and the only comfortable Scanias to be found on FEC had vanished.

65692 sits in the Saxmindham sun on 16th April this year
Tonight I was delighted to receive an email from legendary contributor Robert Appleton, who sent me a huge number of Olympian pics when it was thought the Yarmouth Olympians were reaching the end of their lives. Thankfully that proved extremely premature so his pics remain on file, but tonight Robert has sent me pics of those three Scanias at their new home in Clacton, together with recently transferred from Lowestoft SLF Dart 43489. The Scanias have been repainted and look pretty good it must be said.

65692 now in Corporate livery on the 74 to Colchester  Pic (c) Robert Appleton
65691 YS03 ZKL still minus Essex branding on the 76 again to Colchester  Pic (c) Robert Appleton

65690 YS03 ZKK with a LED display and no Essex branding on the 74 to Colchester. Pic (c) Robert Appleton
 And finally here is 43489, which I confidently predicted was on its way to Braintree. Not to be just yet but bet my life she ends her days there! Many thanks again to Robert for sending me the pics - it's always good to see transfers in their new home.

Ex Lowestoft SLF Dart 43489 R689 DPW on a Clacton town service   Pic (c) Robert Appleton

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