Wednesday 24 December 2014

Feliz Natal a Todos

That's Merry Christmas in Portuguese. After yesterday's ordeal of a post I was delighted in the wee small hours to receive a comment on that post, with nothing but a link. Normally any such post gets pretty short shrift before being zapped but something told me this one was different, so taking my laptop's life in my hands I clicked on the link and found myself transported to paradise. Brazil to be precise. Nice to know I have readers there. I have a request for you all. Next time I rave about seeing a Paragon or dare I say even a Neoplan you have my permission to shoot me as they are mere dinky toys in the world of coaches. It is like comparing a lightning storm off the coast of Suffolk to the megastorms they have in the Southern United States. We don't have storms - they do. And now it is my sad duty to report that we don't have coaches either - Brazil does. Let me introduce you to this!!!

The magnificen Penha Scania K440IB Marcadores Marcopolo.  Sex on 10 wheels!  pic Joao Carlos Schneider
Stunning is an overused word. It should be reserved for this, not repainted presidents in Norwich! What a beast. Copacabana Beach? Forget it! Santos v Corinthians at the Maracana? A mere sideshow. I want the first plane to Brazil now to sample one of these animals. Here is another pic I found.

Am I the only one drooling?
Now unfortunately my Portuguese is rather limited but I have a feeling my hours of chatting to drivers around the region may well pay off as I know two Portuguese drivers on Anglian whose translation skills I am going to call on and I'll do a proper detailed post. But here are a couple more of the amazing coaches on Joao's site, which you can look at yourself by clicking here. Many thanks for getting in touch, Joao, all the way from Brazil, and I hope you don't mind me showing off your truly magnificent coaches. Darn I'm jealous now. I start saving tomorrow.

Just look at those mirrors!

How long is that coach?

Megabus please take note of these vehicles!
And finally we all know what bendibuses look like don't we! Wrong!!!

Anyone fancy taking that round Kessingland?  Wonder if it rattles!
I don't think I could ask for a better post with which to wish each and every one of you a very Happy Christmas and here's to an eventful and probably very colourful 2015. 

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