Monday 8 December 2014

Norwich Rod Monochromacy

As promised I braved the cold and spent a freezing hour on Castle Meadow trying to get reasonable pictures of what was going on. Not very reasonable as the low sun was playing absolute havoc with photography but I think you'll get the gist of what is meant to be in the pics! It has been quite a confusing day in Norwich to say the least for those who go on colour rather than destination screens. Rod Monochromacy is total colour blindness btw!

Hmmmm funny shade of red. 33166 wearing the wrong uniform.
Now if you think one Ribena (original) Bus on the wrong route isn't exactly good form how about this one! Had to take this one with phone as camera battery had died.

Apologies for the sun but you can just make out 11A and The Pink Line. Close but no cigar!
Apparently that wasn't the extent of it as there was a Red Line bus on the Purple Line - yes I know - and a Blue bus on the Yellow Line. Now there will be those who defend First to the hilt saying at least there were buses out there etc etc, but I watched 33166 sit there for over 30 mins giving ample time to be switched onto its branded route and 11's sit there for quite a period too. Absolutely no excuse to confuddle passengers and indeed drivers like that. I watched the driver taking over 33163 phone the depot to check that really was his bus. There needs to be a roadside supervisor based in Castle Meadow to co-ordinate things like that. I humbly submit my application.

Elsewhere I managed to get both ex Lowestoft E200's although initially only one was on the prescribed 39.

45119 had just comeoff the 11's when I caught her reflecting the sun
Not long after the other one came into view this time on its designated route. Except I've just realised it's not - it's on the 38 not the 39!

45118 on the 38's
There were also more Streetlites on view, but again not on the route they were meant to be on. I saw Streetlites on the 11/11A, 12 and 15 and not one on the 14!

47511 on what I believe was its first day out on the 12
Another first for my camera was 47510 on the 11's
Great Yarmouth Bus Page has reported tonight that one of the Yarmouth Streetlites has suffered substantial damage in a collision with a van this morning on Shrublands Estate in Yarmouth. 47502 has had a rough start to life in Norfolk with a seat set on fire first day out and now this. She is currently at Kings Lynn awaiting repair and it is unknown how long she will be off the road.

It wasnt just First grabbing my attention this afternoon - Norfolk Green came up trumps too, with firstly my introductory view at one of the ex Stagecoach London ALX400's in the new NG Stagecoach livery. Managed to avoid the sun just enough to get a respectable shot.

Norfolk Green 17785 on the X29 in Castle Meadow
And much to my satisfaction they followed that up with the latest of the E300's to hit the road. 27644 only entered service last week so it was pretty pleasing to get a pic so quick

Norfolk Green 27644 GX10 HBZ on the X29 to Fakenham


  1. Surely anything is better than Barbie's boudoir? Even if they have just bought a job lot at the lipstick counter, or run amok at the nail bar. I just wonder why First ever thought that candyfloss-on-wheels was appealing. Perhaps they thought of the passengers (sorry, customers) as every Government marketing campaign stereotyped minority you can think of?

  2. and, of course, Team First's ability to score own goals is legendary!