Monday 22 December 2014

Quick Ipswich Update

I forgot my camera today - one of many things I forgot to do today so no pics but a quick post with some Ipswich news.

I was surprised to see Volvo B12 Paragon 20515 on the forecourt of Ipswich depot ths afternoon as I had been told 20514 was there to cover Bury St Edmuinds Rail Replacement duties. However it transpired that 20514 was due a safety exam and its sister was covering for a coupleof days and is returning to Norwich tomorrow.

The 5 Volvo B7tl's to be fully 66 branded have been decided. They will be 32493/4/653/5/6. The partial branding on 32488 is likely to be removed. This will be done in the new year.

Those of you following (rather surprisingly) the whereabouts of Scania 65670 will be delighted to know that it has passed its MOT and will be ready for service again shortly. However early in the New Year it will be transferred back to Essex, along with B7rle 69433. Remainng Ipswich Scanias 65579/88/9 will be withdrawn.

One of the Routemasters (the Yarmouth one) unfortunately broke down on Saturday while on wedding duties and remains at Ipswich. Now there was a bit of talk in the RM department this afternoon but until I have it confirmed I don't want to get tongues wagging too much but watch this space in the New Year.

Now I don't often mention individual drivers but there is one in Ipswich who should get an award for either sterling service or complete and nutter insanity. Chris (yes another one) has been driving Ipswich Buses 38 Free shuttle in an anti-clockwise direction around Ipswich every 20 minutes for 7 years now. You can get less for murder! I would have needed the men in white coats to rescue me after a week of doing that so to do 7 years is nothing short of mind boggling! Good on you, Chris, as I know everyone who uses that shuttle thinks the world of you.

Chris driving a posh bus for once on the 38 Free Shuttle in Ipswich
PS I was informed earlier that turquoise painted ghost bus 32100 has made its debut on the ORANGE Line in Norwich today. I think it fortunate that the good people of Norwich have a healthy sense of humour!

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