Friday 6 June 2014

ALX400 News

Only a quickie tonight. Just when you thought all seven ex Leicester ALX400's had arrived at Yarmouth they go and send one down to Ipswich to cover for the B7's being refurbished. The only real surprise is that they have sent 32061 down - which has the Wilko ad on the back. This means that both 32061 and 32491 will be running arounf Ipswich with Wilko ads and nothing in Lowestoft or Yarmouth. Seems a strange choice.

Regarding Ipswich ALX400's 32479 has been chosen to receive the heritage livery. The Post Office red Eastern Counties livery has been chosen and I think it will look pretty good. I did make enquiries as to why 32479 had been chosen when it is not one of the original Ipswich B7's, and was told that firstly they want the first refurbished ALX400 to be in the heritage livery, and that it is all down to MOT dates which is why 32479 is the one. Can't argue with that really!

Finally I went on two of Yarmouth's ALX400's today on my first ever trip to Martham, and a very pretty route it is too. I had 32063 going, which I stayed on round the loop at Martham and got off at Hemsby, before walking down to the beach. I thought my luck had really hit gold when I saw 34111 turning in to the Beach terminus, but it was on a school contract so didn't get that. So walked back up to the village and got my first ride on 32058 back to Yarmouth. There really isn't much to choose between those ALX400's, but apart from the hard seats I have nothing against them at all, and they have lasted the distance pretty well.

If all goes well a Norfolk Coast Special tomorrow.

First Yarmouth 32058 basks in the Yarmouth sun having just arrived from Martham

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