Saturday 7 June 2014

Rare Working

Today's ramble round the North Norfolk coast didn't happen as planned due to the awful weather of this morning. I did end up in Cromer but nothing to report from there. I did, however, get back to Norwich in time to see Konect 8 branded E400 608 on the 601 Park and Ride. So as that's something you don't see everyday I took a pic.

Konectbus 608 SN61 CZY on the 601 P&R to Thickthorn


  1. 608 did end up on the 8, by 1700 the 601 was run by 502, 503 and 511

  2. That pic was taken at 1620

  3. Hi Steve, Konectbus informed me that they had a breakdown on the 601 so 608 covered it on a diverted service 8 :)

  4. Ah, I missed you all! I was in Norwich bus station about 17:15 to come home!