Friday 20 February 2015

Ipswich Loans History Part Two

Part One of  this series proved highly popular - click here if you missed it - so here is the next installment of buses loaned to Ipswich Buses over the years, courtesy of Bryan Dickson's photo collection.

We start with this Volvo B6LE Wright |Crusader M918 MRW from February 1996

Volvo B6LE M918 MRW at Tower Ramparts    pic (c) BD
Next up is SLF Plaxton Pointer Dart N305 DHE which was on loan twice - in March and May 1996

Dennis Dart N305 DHE       pic (c) BD
1996 was a busy year for loan vehicles, and another vehicle to make two appearnces is this Optare Excel L1000 N399 EUG which was on loan in April and September 1996

Optare Excel N330 EUG      pic (c) BD
Inbetween the Excel's guest appearances came another Dart, this time a Dennis Dart SLF/UVG Urbanstar N804 GRV seen in June 1996..

Dennis Dart SLF/UVG Urbanstar Demonstrator N304 GRV     pic (c) BD
Fast forwarding a few years now and in November 2009 you could have spotted this Alexander Dennis E200 demonstrator rattling through the streets of Ipswich.

E200 demonstrator YX59 BXW       pic (c) BD
Not to be forgotten are two Alexander Dennis E400's that made an appearance. first we have this AD Trident 2/E400 that was with Ipswich Buses in June 2010.

E400 demonstrator SN59 AWX        pic (c) BD
Finally for this part here is Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 Hybrid SN59 AWW entering Tower Ramparts in May 2011. My thanks to Bryan for supplying the pics, and hopefully there will be a Part Three soon.

E400 Hybrid SN59 AWX outside PALS      pic (c) BD

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