Saturday 21 February 2015

The Extras

Obviously the Weekly Round Up will be posted tomorrow - something that appears to be catching on elsewhere - Lord knows where they got the idea - but this is a bit like the "extras" section of a dvd, where those bits that didn't make the main cut can be viewed.

First of all an apology. When I was in Chelmsford on Monday, as reported I bumped into Dave Warren and his partner, Jo. I was just aboout to board my bus to Maldon when Braintree's ex Aberdeen Volvo B10B Renown came in. I asked Dave to get some pics for me which he did - and so did Jo, who it seems is quite a photographer too. I then completely forgot to put them in the post, so my apologies to the pair of you, and I'm going to put one of each of your pics up and see if anyone can tell who took what, as I could only tell from file size. Dave - you have serious competition mate!!

First Essex ex Aberdeen 62139 Volvo B10BLE X618 NSS at Chelmsford Bus Station
But who took which pic!!
On Monday the Swan spent much of the day with a Larke (don't worry if you don't get that) and ended up at Dereham in the office of a certain Steve Royal at Konectbus. A pleasure to meet you at last, Steve, (what a fine name) and thanks for giving me the opportunity to feel extremely smug by confirming that when the Anglian Streetlites go in July they will be replaced by 4 of the Optare Versas that went from Anglian to Konect last year. How Konect will cover that will be revealed in the Round Up tomorrow so don't miss it!

Another reason to go to Dereham was I knew another stricken loco was waiting at Mid Norfolk Railway for road transport to Crewe. 57012 had been stuck in Stowmarket sidings for weeks with traction motor failure hence the many shades of grey livery. Incidentally the loco to her right isn't a 37 but the slightly shorter nosed class 45133.

A rather grubby 57012 at Dereham
I will have news of a former occupant of that particular siding tomorrow.

Back at Norwich I finally managed to get pics of two vehicles that had been eluding me. Frstly on loan Yarmouth Dart 42921 was plying her trade on the 39's while E200 45117 awaits a new rear axle.

42921 in a deserted St Stephen's St
I also managed to get the rear of newly DDA'd Lowestoft ALX400 30886. The back end of this bus looks a lot brighter now with the new route number display.

30886 showing off her new display at Norwich Bus Station
And finally here is another ALX400 that used to chug up and down the A146 on the X2's - First Ipswich B7tl 32656 seen here at Woodbridge on the 64 to Saxmundham on Wednesday. This bus is soon to be vinyled up for Superroute 66 so won't be seen much on this route after then. Oh hang on this is First and branding so forget I said that!

32656 at a wet Woodbridge


  1. The ex Aberdeen bus is operated by the Braintree depot, who run the service 70. I prefer the 2nd photo!

  2. Good point just testing! Will amend. As for the pics both sent me pics of both angles!