Sunday 6 March 2016

A Few Things

A nice, uncontroversial, generic post today, with a couple of things I've either seen or been sent over the last couple of days.

We'll start with Anglian, who have announced two further withdrawals on the fleetlist section of their website. The last 05 reg Scania Omnicity 460 YN05 HFF has been withdrawn, leaving only 03 reg 462 remaining. A shame that as I always preferred them to the newer Omnilinks. Also withdrawn is recently returned from Chambers Optare Solo 907. I assume this is for either mechanical or MOT reasons as another 51 reg Solo, Konect's 901 is still operating out of Beccles as seen in Southwold on Friday.

Konect Solo 901 VX51 RJZ at Southwold
This time last year you could see Konect liveried Tridents 722 and 725 plying their trade for Anglian. This year ex London B7tl Gemini 513 is doing the honours. Normally reserved for school journeys it was out on the 88's on Friday and I managed to snap her from another bus near County Hall in Norwich.

Konect liveried 513 B7tl LB02 YXE on the 88's in Norwich
It seems not a week goes by without Sanders appearing in Norwich with a new route number on one of their buses. However it isn't often a rare working catches my eye so there was a frantic scrambling for my camera on Friday when I saw one of Sanders DAF Lowlanders on the 10 to Stalham. It's a few weeks since I spent time in Norwich so I have no idea how rare a decker on the 10's is, but I'm fairly sure it's the first one I've seen.

Sanders 105 DAF Lowlander YJ05 PZE on the 10 to Stalham
I was pleasantly surprised to hear from Grahame Bessey on Fiday, who sent me pics of the Short Set in the early morning light at Lowestoft. I never need an excuse to show pics of these magnificent beasts so thanks, Grahame.

37422 looking superb

If only all trains looked (and sounded) like that!
Finally some sad news. After hanging on for grim life far longer than anyone dared to hope, the final Yarmouth Olympian 34111 has been withdrawn due to a suspected twisted chassis. It is truly the end of an era, and in my humble opinion Yarmouth is the worse for it. However, two years after he sent them when we first anticipated this news, it gives me the chance to use some of Robert Appleton's excellent Olympian pics. and there are many of them which I'll use in a series of Olympian tributes throughout this last year of Olympians in public use. Appropriately we'll start in Yarmouth, with this pic of 34333, Leyland Olympian H132 FLX. New to London Buslines in 1990 this pic was taken in Yarmouth on 11th April 2011.

34333 H132 FLX in Yarmouth        pic (c) Robert Appleton


  1. I have seen a decker on the 10 a few times, but you're right it is often a single deck. I've seen 513 on the 88 on Tuesday, and Friday, but am yet to photo it! Can I have a copy of your pic to use on my rare spots post for March please? Thanks!

    1. Of course mate - just copy it straight from the post. It should be enabled. 513 went on to work the 88B school journey to Southwold but not sure what that keyline does after that.

  2. A decker is on the 10/X11 diagrams as standard Monday to Friday. It does so to provide extra capacity on the X11 morning run from Stalham and return in the evening as it was overcrowded. Been like this since November ish. Regards

    1. Cheers buddy - I've been somewhat out of the daily loop recently and just haven't been around to notice these things. Might have to go out on it now I'm guaranteed a decent view!

    2. Not a problem, if you can work out the timetable it starts on the 07:24 ex-Stalham then end on the 17:10 ex-Norwich.