Sunday 1 May 2016

Screenshot Competition Result

You boring lot! It seemed like a good idea at the time to have a little competition to see who could come up with the best railcam screenshots, but to put it mildly entries have been limited. So a big thank you to Des, who not only was the only person to submit an entry apart from myself and Grahame, but introduced me to a cam I didn't know existed - at Sheringham on the North Norfolk Railway.

So here is a selection of the best screenshots over the last couple of weeks. Please note all pics are copyright to the sources they are captured from and I'm grateful to the management at for allowing me to publish screenshots taken from their site. They have also granted me permission to set up a dedicated screenshots Flickr page, which will be constructed in the near future.

We'll start with the 3 pics Des sent in from Sheringham, showing the progression of steam loco 61316 from the National Rail line to the North Norfolk Railway via Sheringham High St. Looks like it had quite a viewing and brought Sheringham to a standstill.

On the way.

Through the park...
And onto the NNR
Now here are some of Grahame's recent efforts - it has turned into quite an intense but friendly competition between the two of us, which has resulted in some amazing shots.

Grahame has proved quite good in capturing rail engineering vehicles as the following shots show.

The Crewe cameras are always worth keeping an eye on as you never know quite what is going to pass next. West Coast Rail and their fleet of heritage diesels are always welcome sights. Grahame caught these two beauties as they passed the cams.

47851 on the back of a special tour train
37706 looking magnificent
Now onto my efforts. It's fair to say I am a fan of Class 37's as you may have gathered by now. So when I learned that two preserved 37's were being used on a Network Rail test rain passing the Bedford cameras this week I was ready finger poised as they passed and my word they look superb.

37251 looking outstanding in Intercity livery
37025 in traditional British Rail livery brings up the rear
It was very dark when they made the return journey. however that means you can see them in a whole different light, so to speak. You wouldn't believe this was from the same camera, and there is a definitely spooky element to this capture.

37251 looking like a ghost train!
And finally something you don't see everyday. I had seen mention of a convoy heading towards York  and assumed it would be a few locos coupled together. What I certainly didn't expect was 3 HST power cars from 3 different operators. They were heading to Bristol for an open day and on the way were going to pick up an East Midlands Trains HST power car and the HST prototype 41001 plus her coaches.

Virgin Trains EC 43300, Network Rail 43013 and Grand Central 43423 pass York cam
You can see the official video of that convoy passing both York cams by clicking here.

I'm sure there will be more of these posts in the future as there is something different most days. Once again my thanks to the guys at for allowing me to reproduce these screenshots, and if you haven't had the railcam experience yet then give them a go - you'll be hooked rather quickly!


  1. Excellent pics! I saw but missed the black 5 at Crewe �� kept prodding the button but to no avail or they have saved to god knows where ��

  2. Completely forgot! Maybe another one sometime?

  3. Thomas Browne) Hi steve good post by the way been reading your posts since you started blogging great and interesting as always. I know this hasn't got anything to do with trains but I spotted one of stagecoaches new coasthopper enviro 400 mmc's in Norwich on the x29. Just thought I would mention it since no one else has said anything about it.

    1. Hi Thomas and thanks for the kind words. You really need to follow my Twitter feed - @busandtrainpage as I tweeted a pic of the MMC at around Midday then rode it to Fakenham - a post coming up later! Glad you spotted it too!