Monday 17 April 2017

Blog Statement

First of all my apologies - there was meant to be a big London themed post over this weekend but I was relying on a contribution from a third party, who has let me down. So the post won't be published.

Reading through the comments from the last post one of them stuck out, and I suddenly realised how applicable it was to me. This was the comment.

If you want to ride in service buses, I expect you'd have to pay some money to the companies and go out and do that on any average weekday.
The event was voluntary and provided by people in their spare time, at their own risk, for the enjoyment of people they didn't know. 

So let's adapt that. 

If you want to read industry magazines I expect you'd have to pay some money to the publishers, and go to a newsagent to get them.

This blog is voluntary and provided by myself in my spare time, at my own expense, for the enjoyment of people I don't know.

I do not make a penny out of this blog.In fact there are considerable expenses involved in it. It is a hobby which keeps me involved in the industry I love and know. I don't always get it right, I don't claim to. If I get it wrong I'm happy to accept correction. I give others the right to pass comment on what I do without having to reveal their identity, which has led to abuse and invitations to take my own life. 

The views and opinions I express are honest, and not driven by bias, outside influence or personal vendetta. I don't get any help whatsoever with the production or compilation of the blog, with the invaluable exception of Tim helping share travelling costs on occasions. 

Through this blog I have made some amazing friends, young and old, from cleaners to drivers to top management, and of course fellow enthusiasts. It completely took over my life at one point and my health suffered as a result, but not now. I was hoping it might lead to some professional, paid work, but that hasn't happened either. I'm hoping it still might but not holding my breath.

I won't be posting as much from now on. I thought about closing the blog as it seems I'm either getting abused or let down at present but no reason to let those people beat me. However I'll now post when I want to, rather than because I feel I ought to. If I get news I'll publish it, but won't worry if I don't have anything to publish. I'll continue to review new vehicles, challenge operators and councils and enjoy my hobby. I hope you'll all stay with me, well one of you can bugger off, and keep checking for new posts as and when they go up.

So I can't be accused of fishing for sympathy or compliments I have disabled comments for this post. However, if anyone emails I will reply.