Thursday 28 June 2018

37409 Makes Short Set Debut

We always hoped it might happen. We never really thought it might happen, but today it did happen. Two gleaming large BR logo Class 37's were on the Greater Anglia Short Set running between Norwich and Lowestoft/Great Yarmouth. I was out early to catch the set in numerous locations, starting in Reedham, to see the set pass through on its light journey from the depot to Lowestoft.

37407 leading, the set waits to cross Reedham Swing Bridge
This time next year the semaphore signals will have gone and the new trains will be appearing, but hopefully the short set will still be around. I moved on from Reedham to Cantley - the first time I've been to that station, and I have to say it's a delight. The Station Adopters have done a fantastic job.

The beauty of Cantley Station
Cantley also boasts a crossing at both ends of the platforms, which are longer than most on the route, making photoing easy. It also meant that legally I was able to get a view from track level, which isn't always the case

37409 pulling away from Cantley
Onto the Acle Straight, and rather than my usual bridge view I went for a more side on shot, hoping to get both the logos looking good. Proved difficult!

37407 leading the set towards Yarmouth
Finally I went to one of my favourite locations, Brundall Gardens. The sun was getting strong by ths point, but still got a great view, and sound, of the set as it left the station heading for Norwich.

37409 leading again, heads for Norwich
What a sight. What a sound, what privilege to see these restored locos out in service again. Well done and thank you to everyone who worked so hard to bring them back to life, and to DRS for sending them both to us in East Anglia. We need to make the most of the next year or so, as we'll never see the like again in public service.

Yes of course there's a video!

There haven't been many posts recently. That is due to many reasons. Mainly there really isn't much happening. Basically only Roy and Grahame at East Norfolk Bus Blog are still going, and even they are struggling for material. Absolutely nothing is happening on the bus scene right now in this region. The railways are falling apart in other areas, and I normally report anything interesting in our region. I will also in the next few weeks be restricted in how often I can get out due to rather carelessly writing my car off, so all funds are going towards a replacement.

Thanks for your understanding, most f you at least, and I'll post whenever I can when there is something of interest to post!


  1. Was a very nice sight hauling into Lowestoft this morning and 409 is a bit of a beast to ride behind. Top post!

  2. Some Minor Local news is Hedingham will be operating the Park & Ride Service for the Clacton air show

    Route A

    From Clacton Factory Outlet

    £10 a car max 5 people

    From Holland Haven

    £7 a car Max 5 people

    I would have thought it would make sense for the service A to serve the rail station for people coming by train

    The fares sound steep. Not bad if 5 people in the car but most will not have that number. Parking in Clacton as well is not that difficult and with the service B it is not a long walk. In fact its quite pleasant walk along the promenade . I guess people don't like walking now.

  3. Love the first picture, grew up on that road and watched many a class 101 pass under that bridge and rumble onto the swing bridge

    1. First time I've been on that bridge, but doubt it will be the last. Just knew it was too early for the pub by the swing bridge to be open....

  4. good on you pal.always enjoy you posts.not a train b uff only buses.kind regards,ray am based iun Littlehampton west sussex but have relatives in caistor and Yarmouth.used to travel all over east Anglia on a weekly explorer.that tyells I am now approaching 80 years old.i miss the former bloggers very very much.keepup the good work!!

    1. Thanks, Ray - not sure how you managed to post as "anon" though - thought I'd stopped that! I'll do my best to post as much as I can, but as I said buses up here are rather stagnant at present!