Saturday 11 October 2014

37578 Back In Uniform

So less than a year after being painted out of the old X1 one livery, Volvo B9tl 37578 has re-entered service in the new X1 livery, and not bad she looks too. Actually that's an understatement. She looked good in the murky gloom of Kings Lynn depot last week but out on the road in natural light she looks extremely good. I spent most of the day with Cameron from Yarmouth Bus Page following her around to various locations and here is a selection of what I took.

37578 in X1 livery in Acle

And the other side
 The next port of call was Yarmouth after we had nipped down to Caister Rd on Olympian 34108 to see if there was anything interesting going on. There wasn't.

An alternative rear view opposite Market Gates in Yarmouth
From there we decided to go to Pleasurewood Hills and catch her returning through there as it seemed a good place for a pic. As it turned out I was the only one to get a decent pic there due to traffic getting in the way, so here it is, looking rather like the first one in Acle! I just have one grip about her - they have put those dratted route vinyls on the top deck windows, which not only obscures the view
although nothing like as much as it does on the E400's, but it is false information as it still intimates at a through route from Lowestoft to Peterborough.
At Pleasurewood Hills in Lowestoft
After another trip on 34108 to Lowestoft we spotted B7 Gemini 32629 rather unusually on the X1. Both of us then failed miserably to get a decent pic of it leaving so we caught the X2 to Norwich (37572) and beat it there by 5 mins! You'd think the X2 wuld be that much quicker but it ain't! Anyway once at Norwich we had better success with the photography.

32629 enters Norwich Bus Station with an oddly positioned wing mirror
And finally I haven't posted a pic of a Yarmouth Olympian for a long time and since we went on it twice today 34108 deserves some exposure. Here she is inside Market Gates Bus Station and for once I got a good(ish) pic in the dark. See you all tomorrow for the Weekly Round Up.

34108 at Market Gates today


  1. It's not really false information. It clearly depicts on the screen a change is needed. Technically, the X1 still goes the full route, just a bus change is needed.

  2. I just find it amusing how every second-rate advertising bod tries to imitate a Banksy. They used to do the same with Andy Warhols when I was growing up. They can't. They just look daft to me. Mind you, they can't tell the originals either, apparently.

  3. Another good post nice to see the Gemini in its new X1 colours good quality pics.