Wednesday 29 October 2014

The End Of The Line?

On Monday in my review of the first year of the blog (click here if you haven't seen it) I proudly reposted what I considered to be just about my pic of the year featuring 47501 steaming out of Yarmouth pulling the Intercity set towards Norwich. So it was pretty sad to read on the Anglian Gen Yahoo group the same evening that 47501 was being towed to Dereham for road transport to presumably Crewe suffering from what has been described as "serious wheel set problems". Speculation is, taking into account her age and the introduction of the new Class 68's, that this could be her final journey, and she won't be repaired.

As luck would have it I had already planned to be in Norwich yesterday so it was easy to jump on a bus to Dereham and take some last pics of the old girl on another very sunny day which is great for the time of year but plays havoc with photography!

47501 sits rather forlornly at Dereham awaiting road transport to Crewe
A rather poignant "Stop" sign by the stricken loco
Here's another pic from that great day I spent with Harry in Yarmouth in July watching 47501 do the Summer drags to Norwich.

47501 switches tracks at Yarmouth to go round the Intercity set
And here she is at Lowestoft as part of the Short Set on 15th May this year

At Lowestoft at front of the Short Set
And so after more than 40 years of sterling service it might be time for this superb machine to take her leave. We all hope she'll be repaired, or bought for preservation, but if not, and this is the end of the line then on behalf of all tramsport enthusuasts I say thanks, old girl for the memories and for bringing a smile to many a face over the years, none the least mine and Harry's on that gloriously hot and sunny day in July.

One last sight of her in Dereham, dignity intact.

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