Sunday 12 October 2014

Weekly News Round Up 12/10/14

Here we are again, Autumn is well and truly here and yet again I missed out on the spectacular lightning last night - if anyone hates storms just come and live near me as you'll be very safe! A varied mix this week including deepening concerns over the image of one of our operators.


Returning from Rotherham this week to Ipswich were Volvo B7rle's 69010 and the first ex P&R to be refurbished 69425, although no one has reportedly seen them yet. (Update - since this post went up 5 hours ago they have been seen, pictured and posted elsewhere.) Going the other way were 69423/4. Seeing what has been reported elsewhere I feel I can now reveal that the next two Scanias to leave the Ipswich scene will be 65673/5 which will be going back to Essex. These have been chosen as they have the longest MOT's. A lot of Ipswich and surrounding area bottoms will breathe a sigh of relief. It also means the likes of 65579/88/89 will get a stay of execution.

As you may have seen the first Volvo B9tl to be painted into X1 livery, 37578, has entered service. If you missed the report it can be viewed by clicking here.

But the best news of the week regarding First was revealed by Roy's East Norfolk Bus Blog in that withdrawn Yarmouth Olympian 34110 is to be prepared to re-enter service. 34110 was the last ever Voilvo Olympian built, so it is fitting that she should be given a new lease of life, which will hopefully lead to her preservation upon eventual final retirement.

34110 in Acle last year on an X1 Short.

Well sort of Carters. I was looking through Ebay the other day and came across an ad for former Carters Olympian 479 - another red and yellow decker with fleet number 479! Anyway she is being sold by a mystery seller in the Nottingham area and is yours for £3,200 plus VAT. I've taken the pic below from the ad, which can be viewed by clicking here.

Former Carter's Olympian L679 HNV for sale on Ebay


Not so much news but an open letter to Anglian, for reasons that will become clear by reading on.


After having a rethink I have sent the letter that was here direct to Anglian and if it gets reposted will depend on their response. Apologies to those who are now scratching their heads wondering what was said but it's better  tyat they have a right to reply first. What I can say is 3 buses having zero or misleading destination scfreens was one of the issues I raised, as demonstrated below.
Streetlite 353 yesterday minus any route indication whatsoever

And Finally

My Scottish correspondent found this online. Rumours that Chris Speed is considering putting this on the back of all First buses are unconfirmed!! Only joking Chris!

Enough said!
And on that rather blunt yet humerous note I'll leave it there. Keep checking in for more posts during the week. Take care all.


  1. What a good letter and the gas buses are amazing better then my local E200s and E300s thank u again for such a great blog.

    1. Lol people are going to think I'm paying you, Lou!! Thanks for the kind words and glad you enjoy reading the blog.

  2. I have just deleted a critical comment from Anonymous. If Anonymous would like to contact me so I can put his or her name to the comment then I will happily reinstate it. I am neither afraid or ashamed to put my name to my views and opinions. Anyone is welcome to criticse me or challenge my opinions, but not if you're too cowardly to say who you are.

  3. Having read your open letter to Anglian before it was removed, I have to say I did wonder if it would open the floodgates a bit.

    That being said, and being mindful that it's not up now, I'll say the following about the letter; in essence - I agree, nothing in it was actually incorrect. In fact, how can I put this, one element of it I'd actually noticed myself a while back, but thought I was being picky. Nice to know I'm not the only one.

    Anyway, on a more positive note, that former Carters Olympian - talk about good nick. Other than a bit of road dust she looks good, certainly better than some younger vehicles that I could think of anyway.

  4. Thanks, Simon. I don't take back anything in the letter - it was sent to Anglian today in its entirety, but maybe they deserve to respond first. If they don't respond I'll just stick it back up! Anyway thanks for the comment, and yes wish I had 4 grand spare to buy that Olympian. I'd have to paint it in Eastern Counties livery and name it VO479!!! Ooh hush my mouth!

  5. Good for you Steve - you shouldn't take any of it back, because as I say nothing in it was wrong... on a completely unrelated subject that has no relevance to the letter whatsoever, complacent is such a great, but less polarising, word I find *cough* ahem. Yes. Maybe. *cough* Hmm.

    Anyway, VO479 - hahaha :D I can just picture it now!