Wednesday 15 October 2014

Midweek Miscellany

Too much to save up for Sunday so a midweek bonus featuring a couple of companies not normally seen on the blogs, and other news.

The joy of being an enthusiast is you just don't know what is going to happen next. Although Twitter and the internet grapevine can be useful at times you really can't beat the pleasure of seeing something totally unexpected. This happened yesterday at Norwich when I saw an unidentified single decker entering the Bus Station. As it was Tuesday I just assumed it was a once a week shoppers special or something but the livery looked vaguely familiar. It was only when it pulled out I realised it belonged to Norse, and was operating on the 605 Sprowston Park And Ride. Not any old single decker but an Irisbus Agora to boot. Originally a demonstrator it's the first time I've seen her in service in Norwich. Nice!

Norse Irisbus Agora OW03 FXG at Norwich Bus Station on Sprowston P&R
I saw another Norse vehicle in Norwich yesterday - this time a coach sporting the rather smart green Norse livery. W173 VEL is a Plaxton bodied Volvo B10M

Norse Volvo B10M W177 VEL in Castle Meadow, Norwich

Last week it was on loan back at Anglian, but now Optare Versa 306 is back at Konect, and back on it's usual 53 yesterday.

Konectbus 306 Optare Versa YJ60 KGV in Castle Meadow yesterday
We now belt down the A140 to Ipswich, or the A12 if you prefer, and to events today. I had been given a heads up that a film crew was going to be at Old Cattle Market this afternoon filming for Anglia Tonight, to be shown tomorrow at 6pm. The enormous crew consisted of a reporter and camerman, and they were treated to a ride on one of the refurbished Volvo B7rle's, 66959. Here they are leaving the bus station.

First Ipswich Volvo B7rle 66959 leaves Old Cattle Market carrying the Anglian Tonight film crew
Earlier I had ridden the first ex P&R Volvo B7rle to be refurbished, 69425, to see if I preferred the leather covered seats to the fabric ones. Still a nice ride, the WiFi was superb, but I'm undecided about the seats. I came into Ipswich today on 69432, and I think I'm leaning towards the fabric, as the leather is slightly less yielding which makes the fabric covered seats slightly softer. However, as a very astute supervisor commented when I was chatting to him, leather is a lot easier to clean. Cannot argue with that and as such I haven't got a problem with the leather. Just being picky - which isn't enthusiast like at all is it!!

69425, AU58 FFM opposite OCM in Ipswich today

Now hands up those who think they know of every bus company in Ipswich. You sure? Honest? OK I thought I did too. Until today when I came across this rather smart looking VW with another number plate ending in BUS. JR Executive Travel are based in Copdock and I have never seen mention of them on any other blog so I guess this must be a first. Hang on does that make it an ......ahem.........EXCLUSIVE!!!!!!!! Anyway the company operate everything from taxis to 39 seater coaches, so I'm going to do some digging and will try to do a special on them in the next couple of weeks.

JR executive Travel Volkswagon JR07 BUS at OCM today
Finally today congratulations to Anglian Bus who have achieved a 95% satisfaction rating in the latest Bus Passenger Focus figures just released. Very much deserved, but the really hard task is now maintaining that level. I have a feeling there may be more on that in coming days.


  1. Hi steve galloway. Up date 337 the new mcv bus is in service. StI'll white get a photo now before. Repaint now sold but still in service is Dennis dart 188 1440pp now on its old number plate r reg. The 1440pp. Is 333 the ex ipswich solo. 188 will go with. Withdrawn plaxton Dennis dart to the same. Company. That's. Got all the beavers the plaxton will go back on the road also. Going. There for spares. Is longtime. Withdraw. Ex anglia beaver 3367pp the new 3367pp is wright cadet. 227 ay05kvf. Sold for scrap. Last. Year 134 1482pp daf ikarus bus and 208 1440pp. Ikarus coach

  2. Hi a further up date on galloway is coach 207 5611pp a daf ikarus is withdrawn and will be sold for scrap this is the last of the London coaches the other. 208 sold early on the two mulleys vehicles. Are still. On longterm hire