Saturday 18 October 2014

Unity Lems Prob Conti

I always like getting emails from readers, especially if they're nice, and I was delighted the other day to receive an email from North Carolina. Mick Capon has lived there for several years since leaving Norfolk behind (he knew the Presidents were coming) but has a bee in his bonnet about TV progs, be they dramas or factual that claim one thing but then show something that's totally imposiible. The obvious example is Great British Railway Journeys, where the sainted Michael Portillo gets on a 156, the helicopter shows a 158, the "in train" shot shows him in an IC MkIII then we see him getting off the Orient Express. Well nearly. Anyway this is what Mick had to say.

Hi Steve, Mick from North Carolina here.
Having lived here for over eight years and had had enough of American TV by the first six months, our limited TV watching is mostly British.
Where am I going with this you might ask?
I could scream when in pre- and post-WW2 shows they go to enormous lengths to get things right regarding period, buses are usually so inaccurately portrayed.
With so many correct vehicles available they invariably get it wrong. A good example is Foyles War - a great show by the way.  In the war time scenes in Hastings I don't think I've seen one "bus" and certainly NEVER a Hastings & District or Maidstone & District bus. It's almost a Bedord OB/Duple COACH and always post-way models on any BUS service shown.
Even in the latest episode in post-war London they show the ubiquitous Routemaster, and the episode I've just watched is set in set in 1946. Considering the first prototype wasn't built until eight years later, it makes me mad.
Born and Bred is another example. Date wise it's okay to see Duple bodied OBs, but always on a BUS service?

Why, when it's so easy to get it right, do they get it so wrong.

Okay, I'll calm down now, but wondered if it might be a suitable subject for your excellent, always read, blog.

Mick, I couldn't agree more and I can think of a couple from Top Gear where this has happened, so what do you guys know - what has had you shouting at the TV in anorak induced exasperation? Either comment or email me and I'll put them up on the blog. Many thanks Mick for getting in touch and it's good to know mundane things about Ipswich repaints are interesting so many miles away!


  1. Ipswich repaints mundane? Believe you me Steve, compared with the current never-ending political negative advertising with the mid-term elections coming up fast, they are refreshing (no pun intended).

    No route branding here, but the awful contra-vision creeps everywhere - UGH!

    1. Fancy sending in a few pics for a North Carolina special? I'll trump those pesky Norwich kids if it kills me!!! I said trump not thump. There again.........

      Only joking - tune in tomorrow and find out why I'm joking!