Wednesday 21 January 2015

Before It Was Local

A couple of days ago I saw a photo on Flickr of Ipswich Buses' 83 Enviro 300 SK07DYA when it was with the company as a demonstrator some years before it became a permanent resident at Constantine Rd. I was rather peeved that I couldn't remember it here. So it being far too cold to be hanging around bus stations trying to get pics I thought it might be an idea to delve into the past and see just how many different companies I could find 83 working for during its time as a demonstrator. Many thanks in advance to all those good people on Flickr who allow their pics to be downloaded on Creative Commons Licence - you will all get a link and credit.

Rather ironically the earliest pic I could find of 83 just happens to be in May 2007 at this strange town called Ipswich. Seen on the Park and Ride before the destination screen had been programmed. The pic is by parkandride2007 whose Flickr page you can access here.

Seen at Major's Corner, Ipswich on May 17th 2007.          pic by parkandride2007
 A few months later and the next port of call - literally - was Southampton. Apparently wokring for Go-South here she is in Southampton in August 2007. The pic was taken by Solenteer whose Flickr page you can access here.

Seen in Southampton on 24th August 2007        pic by Solenteer

By September 2007 83 had moved inland from the coast and was working for Preston Bus in December for Stagecoach Yorkshire, and in April the following year our 6 wheeled heroine was in Nottingham, on loan to Trent Nottingham. This pic was taken by John Law whose Flickr page can be accessed here.

Seen on 26th April 2008 on the 17 to Stapleford.    pic by John Law
A further 16 months have passed before we catch up with 83 again. There had been sightings of her in Lincoln in July 2008, which I can't bring you, but we see her in August 2009 working for Bodman's Coaches of Devizes in Wiltshire (yes it does exist not just in a limerick) seen in Salisbury. The pic was taken by Michael Wadman whose Flickr page can be accessed here.

Seen August 22nd 2009 on the 24 from Salisbury to Warminster.   pic by Michael Wadman
Jump another 10 months and 83 has gone north of the border and is working for McGill's Buses based in Greenock, Inverclyde. McGill's appear to be the only company she was on loan to who put their own vinyls on so I presume it was a different kind of lease/loan. Here we see her leaving Glasgow for Largs, taken by William Swain, whose Flickr page you can access here.

Working for McGill's leaving Glasgow on the 906 to Largs.     pic by William Swain
In September 2011 this now much travelled bus operated the site shuttle service for ShowBus, where I imagine many enthusiast backsides sat on her, and judging from Flickr many pics were taken. This pic is by Mark Kirk whose Flickr page you can access here.

Seen operating the Site Shuttle at ShowBus 2011     pic by Mark Kirk
Shortly after that, and I presume when it was announced Ipswich Buses were purchasing her, well known Ipswich enthusuast Colin Humphrey spotted what would become 83 at Plaxton's place in South Anston. Colin's Flickr page can be accessed here.

Next to a Trent Optare Excel in October 2011      pic by Colin Humphrey
And so after travelling around the country our E300 settled in Ipswich, where she got her new paint job. She has seen service just about everywhere, but the pic I choose is of a route I know absolutely nothing about which ends up in Colchester. So if anyone could shed some light on this route, and if it still operates I'll be grateful. The last pic, like the first is taken by parkandride2007

Ipswich Buses 83 seen at Colchester Terminus 15th October 2013        pic by parkandride2007


  1. am assuming its an East Bergholt school contract. they have used Dennis lances 160/162 in the past.