Friday 23 January 2015

Random Jottings 23.1.15

Showing my age now but years and years ago there was a radio programme called The Random Jottings of Hinge and Brackett. Compulsory listening in our house as we knew a couple of old dears who were dead ringers personality wise to H & B and the title has always stuck in my mind, and it's quite a good one when there is no real subject, just a few random pics over the last couple of days.

Yesterday started with me carrying out my social duties in Wickham Market. I got there on the perfectly adequate 66978, which I regard as the best ex Essex B7rle I have been on so far. All it needs now is the WiFi activated. Really the vinyls shouldn't have gone on until it had what they advertise.

66978 at a murky Wickham Market
After my social duties I carried on into Ipswich to meet up with a couple of  reprobates who are a little handy with a camera. Not before Sods Law had a chance to strike with picturesque 69428 stopping at Wickham to go the wrong way (for me)!

69428 at a still gloomy Wickham Market

I had to suffer 69423 to Ipswich which had a very annoying rattle coming from the front somewhere and on arrival I was met by ace snappers Bryan Dickson and David Warren. There was another enthusiast taking pics too but he declined to join our gathering which was a shame. However the nattering started and didn't really stop for three hours. One of the best afternoons I can remember for a long time and I hope it becomes a regular event. Lord knows there will be few other reasons to go to Ipswich over the next few months as nothing is going to be happening! Anyway before we adjourned to the comfort and relative warmth of The Plough a few pics were taken. I got my first pic of the most recent arrival from refurb - 32494 complete with another new roof!

32494, as yet 66 unbranded at OCM heading for Martlesham
Something I've been trying unsuccessfully to photo over the last few weeks is a regular on schoolday the Cattle Market. Ipswich Buses Optare Spectra 50, known as "delight" due to her Turkish history. She isn't on the road much these days so it was good to get the chance to get a decent pic of her at last.

Ipswich Buses 50 at OCM on the 163 to Levington
I travelled home on a very cold Galloways MCV Evolution and today returned to Wickham Market for a funeral. Only one bus today but it will probably be my last ride on Scania 65588. Have to say Plymouth would have been better off with her than certainly 62126 as she was quiet, smooth and remarkably non rattly. Faster than the rle's too. I'll actually be sorry to see her go and someone should grab her before the scrappers get her, although apparently Ipswich Transport Museum are thinking of preserving her. I hope one of them is preserved although 65589 would be my choice as I've always considered that to be the best of that batch.

65588 showing an impossible route at the wrong location
For those who don't know the 64A runs from Aldeburgh to Saxmundham via Leiston, then should change to a 64 to Ipswich. So to go from Aldeburgh to Saxmundham via Ipswich is impossible, and by time it got to Wickham it should have been showing 64 anyway! However it makes one of my last images of her more special to have that anomoly on the screen. Btw there is not a driver past, present or future who has never or will never forget to change the destination at some time, even managers, so there is no criticism of the driver whatsoever and I do not expect anyone else to!

Don't forget the Round Up on Sunday, which will include a very special pic of the newest train in the area, but I'll leave you with this bus, who has devoted her life to the people of the Ipswich area passing me for maybe the last time as she left Wickham. It is the end of an era and I was grateful for that last ride on her today.

Showing at least the right "via" 65588 roars off into the sunset!

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