Sunday 4 January 2015

Weekly News Round Up 4/1/15

Not much to report this week. I must apologise for the inaccuracies in the previous post regarding the remaining Ipswich Scanias. I published that in good faith after being told by a First official. However it has enabled me to reach a decision. As of now the only information I will be reporting from Ipswich will be either my own observations or what I have seen in black and white elsewhere. It has reached the stage where if I publish anything from Ipswich that isn't common knowledge elsewhere then management are immediatelyu approached for clarification. I'm not prepared to tolerate that situation any further, and so as of now advance Ipswich news will not form part of this blog. A shame but there it is. There won't be much happening once the refurbs are complete anyway.

Speaking of which there is a lot of talk about the ALX400s at Lowestoft and Yarmouth being refurbished. They are being adapted for DDA and repainted but as yet none of them are being refurbished as in new seats etc. The only two that might get that are the two being rerpainted into the heritage liveries, one of which MIGHT be 30888 which is currently at Lowestoft due to a Gemini being loaned to Kings Lynn to cover X1 shortages. Now correct me if I'm wrong again but I thought the reason 37578 was painted into X1 colours was so it could be used at KL if needed in situations like this. Anyway the refurbs start soon with two from both depots going to Rotherham. It is understood that Rotherham will send down the B10B Renowns to cover.

That's about it. I will be replacing my laptop during this week so posts should get back to normal from the beginning of next week as I have guests down all week this week, so won't be out much, However I do have something for you to look at.  I was alerted by regular correspondent Brian to the most amazing Flickr site. If you like the pics from the 70s and 80s this is the site for you and yes, plenty of local interest. Thanks Brian and I expect the poor chap will now be inundated with requests to publish his pics all over the place. Click here to lose yourself in nostalgia.


  1. Hi steve happy new year galloway update new on the national express fleet 303 fj61evt has now been withdrawn with fire damage and will not be coming back in the short term vanhool 220 and 293/4 bf60oga/b will act as spare

  2. Hi steve another galloway update about 303 the national express coach a new lavante has been ordered and will be euro 6 volvo b11r and should be here around September as there is a waiting list