Tuesday 10 March 2015

An Ipswich Special

For those of you who follow Top Gear the following is to be read with a Clarkson voice as he introduces the show...


  • Dave sees some buses
  • I buy some tomatoes, and
  • We both see a frog
Yup it doesn't get more exciting than that, and as was rather predicted after the refurbishment programme was completed Ipswich is becoming a hive of inactivity. However the day cannot be wasted so here is what is going on so hold onto your bobble hats as this is exciting stuff.

Shock news as ex Excel Volvo B12 20514 loses it's X1 short vinyls and gains silver corners.
20515 still has its vinyls. There were also two E200's in the depot with that grinning frog plastered all over them!

20514 looking positively naked with all its X1 vinyls removed.    pic (c) DW
I reported on Sunday that the Excel fronted B7rle 69428 had suffered collision damage It can't have been too bad as she is already back on the road. However spot the deliberate mistake

Looks like the eyeliner ran out!                pic (c) DW
The other big news of the day is the rear route display on ex Norwich and Lowestoft E400 32653 is not working. There were gasps of horror from confused passengers at Old Cattle Market this afternoon at this shameful lack of information!

Nope, definitely not working     pic (c) DW
And that's it. I need a lie down now with my tomatoes to get over the excitement. And on that bombshell......

PS I wrote this post in the pub this afternoon before I heard today's news re Lord Clarkson!

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  1. Yes but where did you get your tomatoes? (In the voice of the hamster)