Tuesday 24 March 2015

Ipswich Buses 93 Returns and Anglian 1504 arrives.

I am grateful to Malcolm Robson of Ipswich Buses for sending me pictures of newly returned refurbished Dart 93 X93 LBJ from Hants and Dorset Trim. Have to say for an older bus it's looking very good inside and out. She should be out in service tomorrow and has been replaced at Hants and Dorset by Dart 98 X98 LBJ, which is the next to be refurbished, repainted, and made DDA compliant.

Back home - just love the reflection in the destination screen
From the rear
Have to say she does look rather good
A view of the new interior and leather seating on IB93
My thanks to Malcolm for sending me the pictures. Malcolm also tells me there is an exciting job opportunity at Ipswich buses being announced shortly, and it seems a return to the past is looming. More details in the coming days.


Anglian have just announced on Twitter that the first of the ex Metrobus Scanias, 1504 YN55 PZF has arrived at Beccles at should be out in service very soon. This pic accompanied the Tweet. Note no company vinyls under bottom deck.

Ex Metorbus 1504 YN55 PZF arrived at Anglian's depot in Beccles

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  1. viewfromthesouth25 March 2015 at 12:48

    "No company vinyls under bottom deck"??

    I should hope not.......