Tuesday 3 March 2015

Virgins in Newcastle!!

No it's true honestly - oh hang on missing apostrophe - should read Virgin's in Newcastle! And indeed Virgin are in Newcastle, and Peterborough, Leeds, Edinburgh, Inverness, York and London. Sunday saw East Coast Trains follow the likes of One, and Connex into the annuls of history, and so Virgin Trains East Coast took over. Very quickly they announced themselves with Virgin vinyls on several trains, as shown in Sunday's Round Up (click here if you missed it), and yesterday revealed the first Class 91 loco and DVT in the new Virgin East Coast livery. Twitter was awash with tweets from VEC showing various pictures taken of the new set, which I think has a rather continental look to it now with the silver surrounds of the headlights, and here is a selection of them.

91124 looking very different in the new Virgin East Coast livery

And from the other side

 Of course we mustn't forget the DVT and it's hard to imagine these are the same units used on Greyter Anglian who must by now be rather regretting their colour choice as white very quickly seems to be turning to cream or grey!

DVT 82219 as part of the new Virgin East Coast set
Departing Kings Cross the Virgin East Coast set heads North

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