Friday 13 March 2015

Big Changes On Way

A number of our local companies here in East Anglia are making changes to their services in the coming weeks. Anglian, Konect and Sanders are all making major changes and alteratioons to their services. Some details are not available yet but I'll do my best to guide you through what is known.


Route 4, which operates between Cromer and North Walsham is withdrawn, to be replaced by the new 6A

Route 5, which operates between Holt and North Walsham will increase to a half hourly frequency

New Route 6A, which replaces the 4 between North Walsham and Cromer will be an extension of the 6 from Great Yarmouth, thus providing a through service from Yarmouth to Cromer

Route 9, which operates from Fakenham to Cromer will have its frequency reduced and will only operate as far as Holt, where a change to the 5 will be required for onward travel.

Route 32, a Norwich City service formally operated by Neeves, will be re-routed in Sprowston

Route 44/44A/X44 will see the 44 changed to run between Sheringham and Holt, replaced from Norwich by a 6 times a day 44A which will operate via Hainford, Newton St Faith and Horsham St Fiath. The X44 will continue from Sheringham to Holt as a 44 so no change of bus is required.

Route 55, which operates between Norwich and North Walsham will be renumbered X55, and will see some journeys extended to Mundsley. Daytime frequency will be increased to half hourly.

Services in Norwich will now terminate in St Stephen's St, only serving the Bus Station to pick up on the way out.

These changes will commence on March 30th.

The 9 will no longer be seen in Sheringham from March 30th

The following alterations were only published by VOSA on Wednesday so details are yet to be announced, but it appears that a lot of changes are being made, with more services going over to Konect, and a great confusion over route numbers is ensung, as you will see.

Service 37B, which is a Sunday service in Norwich operating between  Mulbarton and the City will now be operated by Konect

Service 7A, which is a college journey serving Blofield will be replacd by a new Konect Service 72

Service 63, which operates twice a day from James Paget to Hemsby via Caister is withdrawn, and it looks like will be replaced between Hemsby and Great Yarmouth by new Konect service 71, which will run from Wroxham to Yarmouth via Hemsby.

Other changes include The 88/88A from Norwich to Southwold via Halesworth will have an amended timetable.

The Service from Beccles to Southwold appears in VOSA as the 60C instead of the 89, and will have an amended timetable

Service 60 from Bungay/Beccles to Lowestoft will have an amended Route and timetable

Service 86 from Beccles to Norwich to have amended route and timetable

Service 80/81 from Diss to Great Yarmouth to have amended route and timetable

Service 82/82A Beccles town service to have amended timetable

Service 83 from Harleston to Norwich will have amended timetable

The service from Beccles to Halesworth appears in VOSA as 60H instead of 62 and will have an amended timetable

This is a very confuddling one, and if anyone can make head or tail of it then let me know! I quote from the VOSA registration:

Variation Accepted: Operating between Bungay and Lowestoft given service number 61/61A/61B/61C effective from 03-May-2015. To amend Route and Timetable.

As far as I knew the 61 ran from Southwold/Kessingland to Yarmouth. These changes come into force on May 3rd.

All change on Anglian from May 3rd


These are the changes for May 3rd.

Services 2, operating between Norwich and Sheringham. 2A, operating between Sheringham and Holt, and 6A, operating between Norwich and Attleborough will all have amended timetables.

Service 51, operating between Pilson Green and Norwich will have amended route and timetable

Service 52, operating between Acle (?) and Cringleford will have amended route, stopping places and timetable

Service 53, operating between Wroxham and Tuckswood will have amended route, stopping places and timetable

New Route 72, operating between Norwch St Stephen's St and Yarmouth Market Gates via Blofield, South Walsham and Acle. Operating Monday - Friday

New Route 71, operating between Roys, Wroxham and Yarmouth Market Gates via Hemsby. Operating Monday - Friday

New Route 16, operating between Market PLace Dereham and Market Place Wymondham via Yaxham and Kimberley, operating Monday to Friday

New Route 22, operating between Weybourne and Cromer via Sheringham. Operating Monday to Sunday ** I presume this will be operated by the open topper when weather permits**

All change on Konect too
Oh and some other company in Beccles is changing their timetable on March 30th too, but they've had more than enough free publicity recently!!!!!

You can access the VOSA site by clicking here


  1. Great to see more new services for South Walsham it looks to me like the 71 / 72 must be replacing the anglian 68? I might be wrong

    1. There is no mention of the 68 so I assume that's staying. The 72 is replacing the 7A and the 71 is replacing in part the 63.

      I know there are changes being made to the 7/61 but agree that one does look like a school run.

  2. The 61 from Bungay looks like a school one to me

  3. Well:

    The 71 - reminiscent of the EC 717 of old? Along with the 72 - reminiscent of the EC 702 of old? Or am I just going mad in my old age, seeing things that aren't there??

    Either way, fascinating stuff. I wonder if it'll be a like for like replacement of journeys (there's 2-3 return journeys a day (depending if college is open) between them Mon-Fri in their Anglian 63/7A forms) or whether Konect will do more? I guess we'll find out in due course.

    1. Those routes are way before my time in this area, Simon! What I'm guessing, and it is only a guess is that the 72 will be a direct replacement for the 7A, so only operating College days, and the 71 I hope will give 4 or 5 return journeys a day between Yarmouth and Wroxham, I imagine linking up with the Konect services already going there. How much of the current 63 route will be absorbed into the new 71 is yet to be seen - certainly it seems the part of the route between JPH and Market Gates is going to lose its service.

      As soon as I know of timetables i will of course put a post up.

    2. :D I had a feeling I was showing my age there Steve! Age issues aside though, I think those specific route numbers (71/72) are, on reflection, quite interesting.

      Guess wise, um, for ease of reading I'll separate these by route (*disclaimer* this is all pure guesswork on my part too, unless it's in the public domain):

      72; I agree, considering Konect's most recent changes on the 51, the 72's most likely to be a like for like replacement for the 7A - just running out of Dereham rather than Beccles.

      71; that's what I hope too, especially with the Konect services that are already running to Wroxham that could be linked up with. Indeed, if there's an early bus from the Yarmouth end (getting into Norwich pre 9AM) it may really take off, marketing and what have you allowing of course. Regardless of what occurs though I'm certainly going to have a run out on it, for old times sake if nothing else, even if (not that it would be a chore) it involves going out on the 71 and returning on the 7. I'm starting to babble now though so I'll leave that there :)

      63; Yes, the JPH to Market Gates section seems to be on the way out. Not a surprise there really as JPH-Market Gates is if anything somewhat overserved these days - up to 14 buses an hour (x3 X1s, x1 1, x1 1A, x2 2s, x4 8s and x3 61s) between them. The elephant in the room though is Cobholm, though there is a way around that that wouldn't really draw sweat.

      "As soon as I know of timetables i will of course put a post up." Excellent, thank you very much.