Thursday 12 November 2015

37 Class!

While I'm away in Scotland the next few days, heading right into the teeth of Storm Abigail which should be fun, I thought I'd give you something to amuse yourselves by. The world's nicest bloke, Tim Miller, (well who else would turn out to pick me up at 3.30am to take me to Norwich) has sent me a video of his latest trip on the now legendary Short Set and man is the soundtrack good. I suggest listening over headphones for maximum enjoyment and shivers down the spine!

Many thanks, Tim - I owe you more than one and I simply must get a ride with those beasts soon. It hasn't gone unnoticed by yours truly that while the DMU's are spectacularly failing to cope with Autumn resulting in whole routes losing services for days the Short Set has coped rather well and excelled itself. There's progress for you!


  1. It seems to me that, apart from stock shortage, there are two reasons for the leaf-fall problems.

    One is the unrestricted growth of vegetation around the railway (not an issue in steam days of course, although fires in summer were!). Problem is that it's expensive to clear cuttings and embankments, and neighbours of the railway like the trees!

    Second is the reliance on MUs rather than the heavier locos with their greater adhesion (I bet the Felixstowe freights aren't having problems). On 8th November 2010 an EMU in Sussex not only missed its stop at Stonegate but slid for well over 2 miles with its emergency brake applied. This was almost certainly due to the sanders not having been filled overnight.

  2. The mild, damp weather too, and absence of wind specifically. Leaves are dying and falling slowly, and whilst still full of their juices have the composition of glue when they get damp. I have enough trouble clearing them around the garden! And they stick to everything and anything this year. No crispness at all.