Friday 19 February 2016

Exciting New Decker For Anglian!

That made you sit up and take notice didn't it! Of course it's not an exciting new decker for Anglian. However in their quest to build a fleet made up of other Go-Ahead subsidiaries rejects I am grateful to one of my blogging buddies for informing me that on top of Konect's Solo 901 and Hedingham returning Trident 712 to Beccles, Anglian have now taken Konect's withdrawn ex London Central Volvo B7tl Gemini 513 LB02 YXE on a permanent basis. Makes you wonder what's next for the company that is clearly in a very sorry state.

Konect 513 on a P&R last year. pic (c) Sam Larke


  1. Only the one Mrs Wembley???? thought there was a few sitting about

  2. Yesterday anglian were asking people a survey on the 87.

    1. Was it a survey or a begging letter pleading with them not to jump to First in April!

    2. Would very much seem that way. With a couple of other random questions just to not make it too obvious.