Tuesday 12 April 2016

New Arrival and MMC's For Norfolk

Had to nip into Lowestoft today for retail purposes, and due to a multitude of Pontins campers swarming all over the 61, I went via a combination of 146 and 99, the 99 being Gemini 37564. Whilst en route to Lowie I spied from my front top deck vantage point am ALX400 coming the other way. I'm not sure what prompted me to squint hard as we passed but glad I did as it turned out to be Essex Volvo B7tl 30902. Except Essex no more. Vinyls have been removed and it would appear 30902 has replaced her written of sister 30889.

This meant only one thing - hang around in the rain at Lowestoft for a couple of pictures. Not something I do by choice as a rule, except I did have a few moments with John D, which is always a pleasure - sorry I didn't recognise you sooner buddy!

30902, Volvo B7tl W757 DVX on the 99 today
The rear shot clearly shows the Essex vinyls removed.
Much more exciting, though, is the news reported by Steven Knight Media today, which reveals an imminent  delivery of 9 E200MMC's for Coasthopper services operating out of Kings Lynn. The 10.5m vehicles, numbered 37431-39 will be painted in Coasthopper livery. The first of the batch is expected at Ely today for service preparation work before being moved to Kings Lynn. Seems I have a date at the coast booked in the near future!

On the MMC theme the Scania E400MMC's in East Kent have started to hit the road, with the first 13 entering service on the "Breeze" services between Margate/Broadstairs and Canterbury. I'll be getting down there asap to sample them. It's interesting to note, however that in Stagecoach's 2016/17 new bus order not a single Scania chassis has been ordered. I'll endeavour to find out why.

Breeze liveried Scania E400MMC


  1. how weird that there are no new stagecoach scanias. Although, I think the Gold replacement program may have finished so there are no more new Scanias needed for them. (Scania E300s/400s are usually for Stagecoach Gold)

  2. Also, good to know that there are new MMCs coming to the East - Finnaly!

  3. Forgiven this time! ;) Pleasure to see you as well. Hoping to spend a few days in King's Lynn in June, few buses I hope to sample for some reason or other. Think it might be something to do with this edition, though not 100% certain on that... ;)

    Hope to see you again soon buddy,

    John D.

  4. I have read elsewhere that Scania have fallen out of favour due to issues with refusal to fit electric colling fans by Scania and modificationss made by stagecoach invalidating warranties with Scania hence no order.

    On the positive more British made chassis is more jobs here and no doubt will help increase the value of ADL at a time when Brian Souter et al are trying to sell it.

  5. I will have to agree with "Unknown". We should be making the buses for our country not the Swedish. If they can't agree with Stagecoach standards they wont be getting our business.

    Lets hope that ADL keeps in motion and the new MMC range continues to appeal with passengers, enthusiasts and operators alike!