Saturday 16 April 2016

Screenshot Competition

I appear to have started a new fad - railcam screen-shotting. After the post I published a couple of weeks ago sharing some of the stills I'd captured from the highly addictive cameras it seems other armchair anoraks have caught the bug. Yesterday I was having a friendly exchange of pics with an esteemed photographer from another place and had the idea for a competition to see who can come up with the best rail related screen-shot.

The rules are simple;

1. The image MUST be a screen-shot taken by yourself from a live webcam which is clearly identified in the image, so credit and links can be given, and not reproduced from the website's gallery. The webcam may be anywhere in the world.

2. The webcam must be focused on a railway, but the image doesn't have to be of a train. It could be anything the cam has captured eg wildlife.

3.  No individual who can be identified should be in the images unless you have their permission (I don't want to be sued for breaking privacy laws)

4. Extra points will be awarded for the uniqueness of the subject, eg rare loco or working, new paint job, dramatic weather etc. The editor's (me) decision is final.

5. There are no prizes as I'm skint. This is purely for fun and the enjoyment of sharing your efforts with others. The competition will close midnight next Sunday 24th April

That's just about it, so get screen-shotting. Send your efforts to me at and if you don't want your name published make it clear in the email. If you're not sure how to take a screen-shot (I've only recently discovered) it's the PrtSc button which on my laptop is next to the F12 button. To start us off here's another one I took last Sunday on a crazy day in Dawlish

Lovely day!!        pic taken from


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