Wednesday 4 December 2013

Other Blog News

I am delighted to announce that 3 new blogs are here - one already born, one getting a new look and a brand new one from tomorrow.

Harry Stanley has started his own Norfolk Transport Page. Harry often provides me with news about bus and rail happenings and I wish him all the luck with his own venture. Let me know if there's anything I can do, buddy.

Cameron is giving his Yarmouth Bus Page a spot of DIY and the new look blog will be launched at 7pm tomorrow (5th Dec). Good luck with it , Cameron- I know you're pretty excited about the launch and your new look.

Sam, who has done great stuff with Norwich Bus Page is embarking on his solo career with Norwich Buses, which will also be launched tomorrow at 7pm. A link to Sam's blog will be available as soon as I get the URL.

Please give these guys your support. The more publicity and following the bus industry gets the better, and I know the industry is taking more and more notice of enthusiasts and their extensive knowledge. Sam and Cameron were the inspiration for this blog, and lads you are welcome to use any pics or news you see on here with my blessing - just give a credit. It's not easy finding new and original stuff for a blog, and we should all give these boys every help and encouragement possible - they are the future of bus enthusiasm and seeing their passion and dedication takes me back to when I was their age. It's a privilage to know both of you.


  1. Thanks Steve! And also worth noting that Cameron's blog will look rather similar to mine - I'm the one doing the DIY ;)

  2. Yup! And ive gotta say im impressed with what you've done! ;)

  3. Thanks for the share :) and good luck both of you with the blogs.

    1. Thanks Harry, straight back at you!

    2. Are you going to have a links section on your blog, Harry? It's a good read though.

    3. I'm hoping to, Would you all like your link included?
      And thanks Sam and Cameron

  4. Good luck with yours too! :)